How Refined Sugar Destroys Your Health

Everyone has heard that they need to limit their intake of refined sugar. It’s just plain bad for you. Now you can find out why.

Refined sugar is directly associated with obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, high cholesterol, and many other chronic diseases. The American Diabetic Association and the American Dietetic Association have attributed sugar as one of the top three contributors to degenerative diseases. To avoid refined sugar is one of the best ways to take control over your own health.

What is Refined Sugar?

Refined sugar is typically made from a mixture of sugar cane and sugar beets that has been processed to the point that there is absolutely no nutritional value left in it. This product is sold as table sugar and powdered sugar.

It comes with names such as sucrose, dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup and is added to many, many of the foods that are sold in grocery stores across the world and in restaurants everywhere.

These refined sugars are added to cereals, breads, milk, snack foods, microwave-able foods, frozen foods, canned foods and all condiments. It is found in candy, soda, and fruit juices. Heck, you can even find refined sugar in low-fat and fat-free food items as one of the top three ingredients.

What Refined Sugar Does to Your Body

There are a number of reasons that refined sugar destroys your health. To begin with, it is filled with only empty calories; there are no nutrients or minerals in refined sugar. This may account for the term “junk food.” Sugar (and all the names it comes by) is also highly addictive.

When large amounts of sugar are consumed, your blood sugar rises. Your body then produces more insulin than normal to lower your blood sugar level. Increased levels of insulin cause feelings of hunger, thus causing you to crave additional foods and drinks containing sugar. Hence, the more you eat, the more you want.

The end result of taking in too much refined sugar leads to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the number one cause of numerous physical and psychological disorders and diseases. Diets high in refined sugar not only causes diseases, but can also lower your immune system, cause depression, raise your triglyceride levels, cause mineral depletion in your body, speed up the aging process, and alter your brain waves to the point that it can alter your ability to think clearly.

The best solution to avoid ill health by eating too much refined sugar is to watch your intake. Limit or eliminate man-made, pre-packaged, and processed foods.

Replace cravings for sweets with natural alternatives such as fresh fruits (be careful eating too much because this can also raise your blood sugar levels). Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of fresh, clean water.


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