Recipe For Shrimp and Leek Soup With Vegetables and Variations


This shrimp recipe couples vegetables such as leeks and cabbage to seafood. Creamy, delightful, healthy and simply astonishing.

Recipe for Leek and Shrimp Soup with variations

For 2 persons:

2 cubes of tish bouillon or vegetable bouillon

2 liters of water

1 small onion or shallot

1 large leek

200 g shredded cabbage (white or savoy)

2 large carrots (or more small ones)

1 tablespoon of potato starch or maizena

100 ml milk

1 parsley plant or 1 teaspoon dried parsley

1 dill plant or 1 teaspoon dried dill

100 ml creme fraiche 200 g shrimp, prawns, scampi or other shrimp variety

20 ml white wine or white port

1/2 teaspoon mustard, preferably Dijon moutarde

but otherwise any mustard will do

salt and pepper

Boil the water with the 2 bouillon cubes. Dice (cut small) the onions or shallots and add. Dice the cabbage and add, Slice the carrots into slivers and add. Add mustard. Slice the leek, wash it thoroughly, and add. Now you should have a watery vegetable soup. Mix the potato starch with the milk. Add very slowly to the soup while mixing. It should become a thick mass.

If it is too thick to your taste, add water or milk, and reduce the starch next time. If it is too thin to your taste, add a little bit of starch mixed with water. Be careful though, add in small quantities, it can become too thick very easily.

At the very last, shortly before serving, add the creme fraiche, the dill, the wine or port, and salt and pepper (or an extra bouillon cube) if needed, Save the parsley and the shrimps for last. Add the shrimps and parsley only when you have already served the soup onto the plates. Serve with crusty French baguettes, butter or herb/garlic butter, and white or rose wine,


1. Add some red paprika to the soup.

2. Instead of shrimp, use bacon or another meat variety that you like.

3. Some people do not like garlic but like a herb butter so here is a herb butter recipe without garlic:

– 1 package of butter or margarine (standard would be around 250 g or 8 oz, but it varies widely around the world)

– 10 g salt if it is unsalted butter; if it is already salted you do not need to add more salt)

– 5 g of your favorite pepper; black, white, green, red, or pink, cayenne, you decide.

– 20 g parsley

– 5 g basil

– 5 g rosemary

– 5 g dill

– 1/10th g dragon (estragon)

Cut up the herbs as fine as you can manage. Work the herbs into the butter or margarine. Taste the result , evaluate it, and add to make it your own.

Some variation ideas: add:

1. masala or curry,

2. paprika powder,

3. lemon rind,

4. orange rind,

4. olive bits cut up very fine (black or green olives)

5. anchovies,

6. coconut slivers,

7. pesto,

8. boiled egg (s)


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