Adventures with a Rocket Blender


My little rocket blender might be the most frequently used gadget in the kitchen. I use it for soups, smoothies, whipped cream, to grind coffee, seeds and to make the best banana milk. After use you just rinse it and let it dry.

I bought this model from J. C. Penney, on sale, and I got some bang for the buck! I have not done a comparison with any other model, however, so I’m not recommending a particular brand. The gadget comes with several cups, large and small, two grinders and a motor base.

There are also sealing tops, a couple of rims for drinking, (which are not very nice to drink from so just pour it in a glass), and a top for straining liquids through. The tops fit quite tightly so you could use the beaker as a to go cup.

For Weaning Babies

In the early stages of weaning baby onto solid foods this would be the ideal tool. You can use the small cup and liquidize whatever foods you want. Try putting fruit in and straining out the pulp for a healthy fresh drink for your little one, add some broccoli and other vegetables, mixed with the fruit, to introduce vegetables at an early age.

For Kids and Teenagers

A very ripe banana simply whizzed up with milk and a couple of ice cubes makes a great healthy treat, no sugar needed. Add a scoop of ice cream to make it really rich. Make fruit smoothies by adding yoghurt and ice to strawberries and banana.

If you put yoghurt and fruit in and leave the beaker half full you will be mixing air into the blend and this works really well as a home frozen yogurt treat. You could try it with whipping cream and fruit too, making sure to whizz it at half full so there is plenty of air and it doesn’t freeze so hard you bend spoons on it.

For Adults

Margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, all it takes is fruit, juice, ice cream or yoghurt and the alcohol of your choice. That banana milkshake can be taken right out of the teenage recipe section by adding a couple of tablespoons of rum.

If you feel you need a vitamin boost use tomato, cilantro, cucumber, celery and garlic with ice for a fast and healthy gazpacho type drink. Ignore the color, it tastes good and does you good.

For Cooking

Chop nuts and make breadcrumbs by using the pulse function, and whip eggs before adding them to cake mix, waffles or souffles. If your gravy or sauce develops unsightly lumps, whizz it into compliance.

The only things you have to remember are to screw the blade section on really tightly to make a good seal, and rinse the blade and cup after you use it. If it’s very messy add some warm water and dishwasher liquid and whizz it for a few seconds. It’s that simple.


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