Graze Nibblebox: Healthy Natural Snacks Delivered to Your Door

1413 is an innovative, exciting way to cut out junk food snacks and open your mind to trying new, healthy and delicious snacks.

Many of us snack during the day and more often than not we will reach for a biscuit, muffin or chocolate bar to quench the hunger. However, UK based company Graze has created a fun, interesting and exciting way to battle this habit.

Graze Nibblebox- Nature Delivered- How it Works

Graze deliver to your door a random selection of four snack pots, tailored to your personal tastes, and when you next feel a snack attack you grab one of the Nibblebox pods instead of that muffin and in seconds you will be munching on something natural, healthy and delicious.

The incredible way that Graze makes you excited about eating healthy food, by adding that element of surprise and excitement makes snacking healthily a game and not a chore.


Graze Nibblebox- Customise your Snacks

By signing up to the website you can rate all of their snacks from the menu of over 100, you can rate under four categories:

  • Bin it
  • Try it
  • Like it
  • Love it

And you can also request that they send a particular item soon and also can choose to eliminate entire ingredients by just one click. So if you can’t stand dried pineapple or you are dairy intolerant you won’t get any of those in your box!

You can also adjust settings so that Graze send you more of the things you love, or have them send more of things you have yet to try. So you can choose how adventurous you are feeling!

Next you can select which day of the week you would like the box delivered, you can have a box daily, weekly, twice a week, whatever best suits you! The Graze box can also be sent to any address, so it can go to your workplace if required. The box is designed to fit through a standard letterbox so you don’t have to worry about waiting to sign for it.

Graze Nibblebox- Get A Free Box and Second Half Price!

If you are still not convinced that this is a genius way of cutting out bad snacks, why not take advantage of the excellent offer they have on at the moment, by using promo code to get a free box, once you’ve signed up you will also received your second box half price at the moment.

The best bit though, is it’s not a scam, there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime and change your preferences at any time. So you won’t waste any money.


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