A Healthy Alternative to Smoking: All You Need to Know


Smoking kills, it’s really that simple. Using cigarettes will take you to an early grave. Unfortunately, though, the knowledge that smoking is dangerous doesn’t stop most people. Instead, they ignore it.

If you are somebody who smokes and wants to make a positive change, then now’s the time to quit, or at least switch to something that’s not as dangerous.

Most people are aware of vapes, but very few people know about heated tobacco products (or HTPs). Heated tobacco products are a fantastic alternative to traditional cigarettes. This post will tell you why you should consider using them, and what you need to know about them.

What Are HTPs?

Heated tobacco products are devices that contain real tobacco. When used, these devices heat the tobacco up, releasing it in an aerosol or in smoke. These devices heat tobacco up at a much lower temperature than cigarettes do, which means fewer chemicals are released.

The use of a heated tobacco device is therefore much safer for you to use than traditional cigarette usage. These devices are widely available and are recommended by many healthcare experts as an effective solution for quitting smoking.

Much Safer

Compared to cigarettes, heated tobacco products are much better for you. However, they are not exactly healthy to use, though. Naturally, you still inhale chemicals when you use these products, just fewer of them than you would with a cigarette.

Even so, because they burn at a lower temperature, using them means you are inhaling fewer harmful chemicals and toxins. There are also fewer chemicals present in heated tobacco products, too. If you are looking for a safer alternative to cigarettes to help you quit, then HTPs are a great option.

Better Smell

Cigarettes make you smell very bad. You can tell a smoker from a mile off because you can smell them coming. If you are sick of stinking cigarette smoke, then HTPs are a great option. HTPs have absolutely no smell.

When you are using them, you will not be able to notice a smell of any kind. It is possible to invest in flavored tobacco which you can then put inside your HTP, though flavored tobacco does usually contain harmful chemicals. It’s better to use vapes if you are looking for a strongly tasting alternative to smoking. HTPs are more or less scentless.

Nicotine Intake

You can control your nicotine intake a lot better when you are using HTPs. One of the disadvantages of smoking is that you have absolutely no control over the amount of nicotine that you use.

You are, in many respects, at the mercy of the cigarette that you are smoking. With HTPs though, you can carefully calculate your nicotine intake and only use the amount that’s comfortable for you. If nicotine intake is a concern of yours, then definitely consider making the switch to HTPs, because they give you more control.

Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is at the top of most smokers’ lists of things to do. If you are somebody who wants to quit smoking and start taking care of your body, then now’s the time to make the switch to HTPs.

For a lot of smokers, it is the act of smoking that is more addictive than the actual cigarettes themselves. Therefore, by quitting cigarettes and using HTPs, you will be able to reduce your reliance on the act of smoking. Then, when you have overcome the desire to hold a cigarette, you will be able to kick your addiction to the curb once and for all and discontinue HTP use.

More Affordable

HTPs are a much more affordable option than cigarettes. The prices of cigarettes are rising exponentially, all around the world. Now is not a good time to be a smoker, especially when you consider the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Smoking is an expensive habit to have. You can buy heated tobacco products for significantly less than cigarettes. Another option to consider is vaping. Vaping is not as cheap as using HTPs is, but it is nonetheless an effective way of quitting smoking and saving money.

Widely Available

The last advantage of HTPs that you need to know about is that they are widely available. No matter where you live in the world, you will be able to find an HTP retailer near you. However, if you do plan on taking up HTP use, you will need to be 18. There are age restrictions limiting when you can use these devices.

Most countries have such restrictions in place to top young people from getting addicted to smoking. Make sure when you buy HTPs that you buy from reliable vendors and retailers. Always read their reviews so you can be sure they are genuine.

HTPs are becoming very popular. More and more people are trying to quit smoking, because of how harmful, and how expensive it is. HTPs provide people with an easy way to overcome their addictions. Consider taking up HTP use if you want to quit smoking.


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