8 Fat-Burning Keto Snacks with Little to No Amount of Preparation Needed


Looking for a keto-friendly snack option? You can no longer rely on the same old chocolate cupcakes and mayonnaise sandwiches. Just like your break, lunch, and dinner meals, your snacks should support your ketogenic state. Thus, here are some low-carb fat-burning keto snacks for you to consider.

1) Canned Fish

You may think that eating fish out of a can isn’t the healthiest snack option — but it is. What matters here is to choose not only the most trustworthy brands but also the right fish. For example, both salmon and sardines are nutritious, filling snacks packed with DHA, a highly beneficial omega-3 fat.

Another good option is mackerel, which offers 25g total fat, 19g protein, and practically no carbs for every 100 grams. Look for cans with bone-in fish since they have more calcium. Tuna is also a delicious fat-burning snack, but limit your weekly consumption since it may have high mercury levels.

2) Dark Chocolate

It’s not advisable to eat a ton of milky chocolate due to their high carb and sugar content. However, that’s where cocoa and dark chocolate come in. If you find chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 75 percent, you get its many benefits without all the sugar.

For one, dark chocolate has a good amount polyphenols — micronutrients that may help improve digestion and weight management issues. In other words, it can help you lose weight better. Dark chocolate also contains theobromine, which helps reduce blood pressure and induce a sense of calm.

3) Eggs

There’s a common misconception that eating a lot of eggs are bad for your health. But the truth is that the cholesterol in eggs isn’t likely going to be a major cause of heart disease. Moderation is still important, but it’s the saturated and trans fats that do more harm to your body.

The best snack option with eggs is to boil them. Try having two of them — the egg whites will help you feel full due to all their protein. This will prevent help food cravings throughout the day, especially at night.

4) Celery

Vegetables are arguably one of the healthiest foods you can have as snacks. However, some of them pack more carbs than your ketogenic state can tolerate. Thankfully, a medium-sized celery stalk only has about 1.2g total carbs — with half of that coming from fiber to help in digestion.

You can eat it on its own, but you can try adding some cream cheese or hummus to one or two sticks of celery. These will make them more appetizing without adding too many carbs of calories.

5) Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are great fat-burning snacks. Plus, they’ve got a lot of antioxidants and vitamins — and fiber to keep you feeling full. But just like with canned fish, you must know which ones to pick. Cashews have a pretty hefty amount of carbs, so you have to eat them in moderation.

Macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, sesame seeds, and Brazil nuts are several of your best keto-friendly snack options. Also, remember that soaked nuts and seeds are easier to consume and pack fewer carbohydrates.

6) Cocktail Shrimp

Another seafood option is cocktail shrimp. It barely contributes to your daily fat intake, but it doesn’t add any significant amount of carbs at all. What you do get in five pieces of cocktail shrimp is 7g protein, 30 calories, and a bit of calcium and iron. Try mixing it with melted butter to make it tastier and fattier.

7) Avocado

Not all fruits are ideal as keto snacks, but avocado is one of the better options. For one, the average avocado weighing about 200 grams offers 29g total fats with no cholesterol whatsoever. If that wasn’t enticing enough for your keto diet, more than half of its total carbs are made up of fiber.

Avocados are also brimming with significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and magnesium. The fruit may even help you manage your triglyceride levels to combat heart disease.

8) Beef Jerky

Your final option might just be your favorite snack. Beef jerky is perfect for anyone looking to maintain their ketosis and lose weight in a consistent manner. A single piece weighing 20 grams has about 80 calories, more than half of which comes from fat. You get 5g fat, 6.6g protein, and only 1.8g net carbs.

What’s even better is that you can also have other jerky variants — including salmon, lamb, and pork. Just take note of your protein intake since too much of it isn’t good for your health.

Overall, you’re not going to run out of options when you’re on a low-carb diet. There are many fat-burning keto snacks that are both delicious and nutritious. What matters is you practice moderation and check the nutritional content of each specific snack.


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