Comparison of Two-Week Detox Diets: Alternative System Cleansing Routines


Three detoxification system cleansing programs to help jump start weight loss. Compare these two week diets.

Detox diets are used to increase energy through the cleansing of the digestive system. Detoxification is also used to achieve rapid weight loss.

The body is ready for cleansing when the following symptoms are present: fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, recurring colds, allergies, headaches, or indigestion. There are a several detox diets available. Cleansing diets are typically very strict regarding the food and liquid allowed. There is controversy concerning the long-term effect detox diets have on the body.

The Fruit and Vegetable Two-Week Cleansing Diet

The Fruit and Vegetable Cleansing Two-Week Diet lets the dieter eat all the food they desire for two weeks as long as the food consists of only raw fruits and raw vegetables. This all natural approach to cleansing the system helps the body to rid itself of toxins and lingering material without manufactured products. Supporters of this cleansing diet claim the dieter will lose weight and be more energetic.

Drink Lemonade for Two Weeks Diet

The Two Week Lemonade Diet may be hard to accomplish. This diet allows no solid foods to be consumed for two weeks. The dieter will intake only lemonade, tea and water for two weeks. The lemonade cannot be manufactured because most contain artificial flavors and some amount of preservatives.

Make the lemonade from fresh squeezed lemons and purified water. Maple syrup is added along with a cayenne pepper to increase energy. Each morning a drink salt water mixture is drank to flush the system. A laxative tea is consumed in the evening.

For refreshment throughout the day drink the fresh lemonade and purified water or peppermint tea. People who support the lemonade diet claim the system will cleanse the body of impurities by mobilizing and expelling toxins. An alternative to making the lemonade is a lemonade blend manufactured and sold specifically for the followers of this diet. Master Tonic is available online and claims the blend is made with the exact specifications of the diet.

Quick Cleanse Routine for Women

Quick Cleanse Routine for Women is a detoxification cleansing program in which the dieter can eat any amount they want for two weeks. The diet has an approved list of foods which the dieter must adhere to. The food quantities and calories are unrestricted. The detox diet suggests three meals plus two snacks each day. Some foods on the list are any lean protein, grape seed oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil. People who have hypoglycemia must count carbohydrates in addition to using the glycemic load index. Dieters must take a fiber laxative each morning and a probiotic before every meal.

The goal of the detox cleansing diet is to eliminate foods from the diet for two weeks. After two weeks, they are phased back in. During the phase in process the dieter can monitor how the food makes them feel.


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