Compare 1200 Calorie Diet Plans Type 2 Diabetes


People with diabetes are expected to take care of their insulin plus monitor every bite they put in the mouth. These 1200 calorie diets require no calorie counting.

As more people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, additional diet plans are emerging to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight. The ideal diet is around 1200 calories per day. Keeping up with calories can be tiring and then the portion size must be considered. Additionally, the foods are supposed to be a certain kind. Diet plans that are simple to follow are easier to stick to than the complicated ones. Whether a retail plan is chosen or not, compare these to help determine personal eating guidelines.

Shifted Diet Plan

A “shifted diet” refers to a meal that encourages 50 percent of food consumption to be done by the middle of the day for people with type 2 diabetes. The diet delineates a breakfast plan which totals about 432 calories and is the biggest meal of the day. A mid-morning meal totals about 167 calories. Then there is a lunch menu that suggests around 184 calories. A mid-afternoon 29 calorie snack. The day is finished with an evening meal of about 379 calories.

Under this plan the dieter can look forward to eating a breakfast consisting of: two scrambled egg whites with two tablespoons of chopped green onion and diced tomatoes, and fresh shredded basil all cooked in vegetable cooking spray. This will be eaten as a sandwich on two slices of toasted wholegrain bread. A cup of fresh fruits and low fat milk will make up a full breakfast.

Low-fat plain yogurt and pumpkin seeds will make a delightfully filling snack. Lunch can consist of a small spinach leaf salad, half a cup mixed raw vegetables topped with two tablespoons reduced fat dressing and one and a half ounces of reduced-fat cheese.

A simple peach for the afternoon snack will be easy to carry to work. The last meal of the day can be a three-ounce baked salmon along with half a cup of steamed asparagus and an apple.

Create-Your-Plate Diet

The Create-Your-Plate diet is a focuses on helping the person with diabetes control their portion size. This plan is promoted by the American Diabetes Association. When followed correctly, the daily caloric intake will be about 1200 calories.

This is a visually based diet, so visual learners should appreciate this one. There are no calories to count. Simply draw a visual line down the center of the plate. Draw a horizontal line halfway across the plate. This visually divides the plate into three sections. These three sections will control the food portions and help maintain caloric intake without counting.

Now, make healthy choices. Place non-starchy vegetables in the biggest part of the plate. Examples of non-starchy veggies are: spinach, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and onion. Place whole grain breads, high-fiber cereal, potatoes or other starchy food in a small area. Then, use the remaining small section for a meat or meat substitute. Good examples are skinless chicken or turkey, tuna, cod, salmon, or shrimp. Drink a glass of non-fat milk each day as well.

This is diet can be followed even when eating at someone else’s home.


Always consult a doctor before changing diet routines and foods. The foods and eating patterns that help one person with diabetes can may cause another’s sugar levels to become unstable. Monitor blood sugar levels when introducing or eliminating a food from the routine.


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