Top Tips for Diet Success: Eat Diet Low in Fat, Carbs, and Sugar


Lose 10 pounds on a 5 day weight loss plan. Really? Get off the weight loss roller coaster and start down the road to a long and healthy life today.

Low carb weight loss plans and five day weight loss schemes that over-promise on the amount of weight lost are not going to work. Find a solid, weight loss plan that works. Nobody ever starts out on a diet or weight loss meal plan with the intent to fail. Anyone who wants to lose weight plans to succeed at doing so. The ultimate goal is to lose weight. Or is it? Perhaps the ultimate goal should be a change in lifestyle and attitude.

Dieters who have tried the DASH diet eating plan, the Atkins® low carb diet eating plan, Jenny Craig®, SlimFast® or any other type of diet eating plan know that weight loss is possible on any of these plans. Dieters who have gained some or all of that weight back also know the importance of a well-rounded diet made of of a variety of foods. The human body was not designed to survive and prosper on a restrictive diet. There is great pleasure in eating foods, all foods. The trick is to change one’s perception of food and eating.

The 7 Day Weight Loss Success Lifestyle

Dieters need to stop thinking of all of this as a diet and start thinking of weight loss and food as a long-term lifestyle change. Stop thinking about the next 3 day weight loss plan, or how that low carb weight loss scheme looks so good. Instead, think of weight loss as being healthy, everyday weight maintenance. This needs to be a transformation from the old person to a totally new 7 day weight loss lifestyle.

Serious dieters need to decide that a decision to lose weight is a decision for a healthy and longer life. Serious dieters will understand the seriousness of a healthy lifestyle and do just about anything to make it happen. It’s an attitude that says the best weight loss meal plans are the weight loss meal plans that occur three times a day, everyday. Weight loss meal plans remain intact when going out to eat with friends or coworkers, or when celebrating birthdays, or while vacationing. Weight loss meal plans are not just for dieters, they are for people who want to maintain a healthy, long-term weight level.

A Diet Low in Fat, Sugar, and Carbs is the New Normal

Whichever diet eating plan is chosen, it must consist of about 45 to 65 percent of daily calories from carbohydrates, 10 to 35 percent of daily calories from protein, and 20 to 35 percent of daily calories from fat. According to, a diet low in carbohydrates will take the weight off faster, but a diet low in fat provides for more effective weight loss in the long term.

So, a sensible and balanced weight loss meal plan will include a blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fat from a large number of different foods. The best diet: eat lots of fresh, uncooked vegetables, lean meats like chicken and fish, and low fat dairy products like fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese. Choose foods that are desired which fit into a new, healthy lifestyle. For example, pass on cookies, fried foods, or candy and choose fruit or low-fat yogurt and granola instead. This new weight loss meal plan mindset is now a way of life and will need to be followed religiously.

Successful Long-Term Weight Loss Starts with a Healthy Diet Eating Plan

Some folks have literally been riding the up and down weight swings of the dieter’s roller coaster for most of life. Even the most exciting roller coaster becomes annoying after a time. This is the day to get off the weight loss roller coaster. Stop considering low carb weight loss plans, or no sugar diet eating plans. The new 7 day weight loss success lifestyle is the way to go for healthy, long-term weight loss and weight maintenance.

People were designed to eat and enjoy many different types of food. A balanced and nutritional diet made up of foods from all the major food groups. Getting enough of the right, nutrition-packed foods and getting away from fried, pre-packaged, processed, fat-laden food is now a priority on the 7 day weight loss plan. Successful dieters travel a new road that leads to long-term, permanent weight loss. Successful dieters now live a lifestyle that has moved away from weight loss diet eating plans to a more healthy lifestyle of successful weight maintenance.

Consult a physician or nutritionist to assist in creating a comprehensive 7 day weight loss plan.

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