Three Weight Loss Aids


There is a wide assortment of diet supplements, exercise programs and equipment, and diet plans that – when used together – can help pounds to disappear.

When it comes to losing weight, there are many different things for people to try. The weight loss industry has made billions of dollars by selling books, programs and supplements to people wanting to lose weight. Some of these weight loss aids have been successful – others, not so much. It becomes a game of trial and error for many people.

Although many experience a rapid initial weight loss, they often plateau quickly, making it harder to lose more weight. Or they reach the weight they want, stop taking the pills or following the plan, and end up gaining the weight back. Someone who is serious about losing weight needs to find a total program, one that plans for long-term results.

Diet Supplements

When it comes to diet supplements, there are too many to name. Most of these pills claim fast and extraordinary results. Green tea has become quite popular as a weight loss supplement and it can be found in many forms. Stimulants like caffeine are another popular ingredient in weight loss aids. Fat blockers are also on the rise in diet pills.

One weight loss pill in particular that has been approved by the FDA is Alli. Alli works by blocking some of the fat that a person consumes. But like other medications, there are possible side effects, including stomach cramps and nausea. Choosing a diet pill is something that needs to be discussed with a doctor because not all pills are safe.

Exercise Programs and Equipment

Another popular trend in weight loss solutions is exercise programs and equipment. All a person has to do is turn on the television late at night to see countless numbers of infomercials about the latest piece of exercise equipment or workout program. The programs and equipment promise to make a person’s body look better than ever.

Just like the supplements, some of these programs work and some do not, at least not for everyone. Exercise works best when combined with a healthy diet plan, so many of the programs offer the full weight loss approach. But it comes down to perseverance and willpower of the individual using the plan to measure the actual success.

Diet Plans

If supplements or exercise videos are not the right choice, a person can go with a diet plan they practice on their own. The Atkins Diet was popular for a while, but people grew weary of having to cut out carbohydrates. Pre-made diet meals and weight loss support groups are another route for losing weight. It helps to have meals that are pre-made, especially for those that have trouble counting fat and calories.

Having a strong support system for encouragement is also helpful.

Like pills and videos, a person has to be willing to part with some money in order to follow one of these plans. Ultimately, it is up to the individual which weight loss plan fits their life and their budget.

If a person is serious about weight loss, a combination approach will get the best results. A healthy diet plan, along with exercise normally does the trick. For those that struggle the most, a diet supplement and special exercise equipment to target trouble areas may be the better answer. Regardless of the approach, willpower and commitment are essential for losing weight.


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