No Grain, No Gain Diet: End Food Cravings with a Carb Addict’s Weight Loss Plan


Do you have troubling following a strict diet? Are your food cravings out of control? Are you a food addict? Change your thinking and eliminate grains to lose weight.
The first step to overcoming food cravings and losing weight is to admit that you are a food addict. Overeating causes weight gain. Any foods you consume that aren’t burned off and used as body fuel is stored as fat. This is especially true for grains and sugars. You have to eliminate these foods to overcome the addiction.

The No-Grain Diet, by Dr. Joseph Mercola (Dutton, 2003), states “Any grains and sugars you eat will prompt you to eat even more. Even healthy whole grains are metabolized nearly as rapidly as refined grains, thus contributing to increased insulin levels” (40).

Benefits of The No-Grain Diet

The No-Grain Diet protects against early death, osteoporosis, food cravings, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer cell growth and high cholesterol. Aside from improving your general health, The No-Grain Diet is a powerful weight loss program.

The No-Grain Diet promotes mind-body healing. Mercola introduces the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which uses acupuncture points on the face and upper body to cut cravings due to emotional eating. This craving eraser is a key factor in succeeding at losing weight with The No-Grain Diet.

The No-Grain Diet Basics

The No-Grain Diet is a three phase weight loss plan designed to end craving and help you reach your optimal body weight.

Phase 1: Start-Up. This is the first three days of The No-Grain Diet when you will cut out grains and sugars to detox your system. You will plan to eat something small every 2-3 hours. “When you eat the right foods, in the right combination that feels satisfying to you, your hunger pangs will disappear,” (63).

Phase 2: Stabilize: During this stage of the diet, the next 50 days, you will eat less frequently and continue to manage your emotional eating and carb craving with EFT.

Phase 3: Sustain: This is the maintenance phase of The No-Grain Diet.

Giving Up the Grains

As a carb addict, the task of giving up grains and removing them from your diet can be a scary thought. The No-Grain Diet suggests you go through a three day carb detox. You will experience withdrawal symptoms, but the EFT will help you get through it. Using acupressure releases blockages and restores energy to the body to maximize your energy.

The No-Grain Diet will help you “conquer cravings, learn to handle emotional eating triggers, test your beliefs and discover a new you” (55). As you follow this weight loss plan, you will eat foods to release fat, curb your cravings and change how you think about your body for lasting weight loss.


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