Natural Supplements for Losing Weight


Some all-natural supplements may help you lose unwanted pounds. Find out which low cost supplement might be the best for your weight loss goals!

If losing unwanted pounds is an endless struggle, you may need just a little all-natural boost to help rev up your metabolism. These all natural supplements are low in cost and may be a great addition to a healthy diet and exercise.

7-Keto for Boosting Your Metabolism

7-Keto is found naturally in the body and is metabolized from the hormone DHEA. As a person gets older, the 7-Keto substance declines, like DHEA. The 7-Keto supplement can help restore what is gone and give your body a jump start to weight loss.

By adding 7-Keto to your diet and exercise, you may lose weight faster since it increases the movement of enzymes that are associated with metabolism. In essence, this powerful supplement can boost your metabolism and be a major player in your weight loss goals.

A good 100 mg 7-Keto supplement can be found for about $25.00 for a one month supply. This cost is far cheaper than leading diet and weight loss pills on the market today.

Forskolin for Weight Loss

Found in the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus, forskolin, has been used for years for many health issues like asthma, chest pain, eczema, blood clots and more. But Forskolin has also been shown to decrease body fat and body mass.

Not only does the forskolin supplement alter the body composition in a favorable way, other health benefits cannot be ignored. The supplement may be beneficial for those suffering from allergies and asthma and may reduce blood pressure.

A 50mg Forskolin supplement can be found for approximately $15 for a one-month supply. This cost, being far less expensive than leading weight loss pills.

Safflower Oil for Reducing Body Fat

Safflower oil may prove beneficial for weight loss and a reduction of body fat. Safflower oil is a fat derived from the seed of the safflower plant. Despite the fact that its a fatty oil, safflower oil will not induce weight gain. In fact, it can boost the body’s metabolism and cut down on its body fat.

According to a study published in 2009, study participants who took the prescribed safflower oil, lost torso fat and gained lean muscle mass. Safflower oil may also have a positive effect on fasting glucose levels in diabetics and may help to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Safflower Oil supplements can be found for about $10 for a one month supply.

Supplements for Losing Weight

Losing unwanted pounds can be a real struggle for so many people. These natural supplements can offer a great jump start to your weight loss efforts and offer a good low-cost alternative to other weight loss pills on the market.



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