Milk for Weight Loss


Milk is a source of nine essential nutrients and calcium. Recent research supports milk’s ability to aid muscle growth and facilitate body fat loss.

There are a lot of myths that dairy products are fattening and should be avoided by people who want to lose weigh, but contemporary studies on both animals and humans prove them wrong. A significant number of studies shows that there is a direct link between increased intake of low-fat dairy products and weight loss.

For those who started their journey of weight loss it is advised to add dairy products to the diet. Research conducted in many universities around the world has proven that milk and dairy products can help you burn fat more effectively and as a result lose more weight.

Milk, Calcium and Effective Weight Loss

According to research done by Dr Michael B. Zemel at the University of Tennessee, dietary calcium plays a crucial role in the regulation of metabolism and prevention of obesity. It was indicated that even without any changes to the diet or amount of calories consumed a day, consumption of calcium from dairy products increases fat breakdown and prevents fat storage, helping in healthy weight maintenance and the management of overweight and obesity.

It was indicated that consumption of 1,000 to 1,400 milligrams of calcium from dairy products a day could dramatically change the way your body burns fat and increase metabolism. In other words, drinking skimmed milk can help you burn fat, lose weight and trim inches off the waistline.

Fitness, Milk and Fat Loss

Research conducted at McMaster University lead by Stuart Phillips shows that milk also helps exercisers to burn more fat. One part of study participants followed their workouts by drinking two cups of skimmed milk. Researchers found that the “milk drinking” group had lost nearly twice as much fat and gained more muscle mass than those participants who did not drink milk following the workouts.

Research done at both University of Tennessee and Purdue University also shows that dairy calcium is much more effective in burning fat than supplemental calcium, as dairy has additional bioactive compounds and amino acids. The study indicates that women who have 1,000mg of dairy calcium every day (the amount of calcium found in about 1½ pints of semi-skimmed milk) are more likely to lose weight than those who consume calcium in a different form (e.g. calcium supplements).

Some people, especially those who have had weight-loss surgery, may need up to 2,500 mg of calcium a day. It is always necessary to check with the doctor or a registered dietician, especially since calcium can interfere with the action of certain medications.



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