How Does Thought Field Therapy Work and What are Its Benefits?


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a ground-breaking energy-based psychological treatment. Roger Callahan introduced this psychotherapy in 1980. And now, many medical practitioners apply it to improve the mental health of their patients.

TFT can help reduce feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, stress, trauma, guilt, and any other unwanted emotion that you want to do away with. To enlighten yourself about this therapy, you can go through numerous papers and blogs that have been written about it.

You can start with a comprehensive resource platform like The Human Condition, which has actionable, evidence-based resources to help you achieve a balanced life.

How Does Thought Field Therapy Work?

Callahan believed that even mental problems are also encoded in the body’s energy system. And this cannot be cured by talk sessions. In TFT, you will be asked about the issue you face and rate it on a subjective unit of discomfort (SUD) scale ranging from 0 to 10. 0 and 1 indicate the absence of discomfort, while 10 represents the highest level of discomfort.

The change in the ratings determines the effectiveness of the treatment. After an initial self-evaluation, you are asked to think about the problems you would like to work on or thoughts, feelings, and sensations you want to get rid of.

Then, you will have to tap specific meridian points with your fingertips gently. Do the tapping in a prescribed manner at various acupoints. While tapping, you’ll need to continue thinking about your problems. The tapping procedures, also known as the algorithms, are changed according to the condition.

According to Dr. Callahan, in this process, when a person thinks about the experience or problem, they tune into the ‘thought field.’ When you tap on the specific meridian points, you can treat the activated ‘thought field.’

TFT Practitioners believe this therapy neutralizes negative emotions and other emotional problems through meridian tapping sequences specific to certain thought fields. Advanced TFT therapy deals with individualized meridian treatment sequences for each thought field.

Benefits of Thought Field Therapy

TFT is a different form of Psychotherapy as it operates at the deepest level of consciousness, at the micro-level. It balances the energy in the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system controls several processes beyond conscious control, such as breathing, heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure, immune function, blood chemistry, tissue repair, and metabolism. The more balanced your ANS, the healthier you are.

TFT focuses on fourteen meridian points in the body, connecting to more than 87 billion possible treatment sequences for any given problem or illness. Various studies have validated the effectiveness of TFT in treating fear and phobia.

One such report was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology in 2017. It showed that TFT gave similar relief to those treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Another study performed in 2012 with 45 people with anxiety disorders revealed that TFT lowered their anxiety symptoms.

Additionally, a recent study in 2021 found that TFT proved to be more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy in relieving trauma-related symptoms from the war.

If TFT interests you, you can dive deeper into the topic by looking at reliable resources like The Human Condition. TFT can help with many emotional problems in a few minutes without any side effects. It can help you improve your quality of life by eliminating the thoughts, feelings, and problems stopping you from enjoying your life.


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