How many cups in a pound?


The fundamental difference between a cup and a pound is that the cup measures volume capacity while pound weighs the mass of a substance or an ingredient.

Pound to cup is beneficial in many respects because supermarket labels for dry ingredients are expressed in pounds but the actual measurement used in cooking would require cups. In this regard, we have to know how many cups are in a pound.


How many cups in a pound?

For this, we have to understand that there are two types of pound: the Troy pound of the UK and the avoirdupois pound of the US. In the same manner, there are also two types of cups: the dry and liquid cups. With these, the following calculations or conversion values are followed:

1 US (avoirdupois) pound1.91 cups
1 UK/imperial (Troy) pound0.66 cups

Cooking sites like the Traditional Oven indicates however, that for cooking purposes, the one pound to 2 cups conversion is commonly used. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned conversion values are how pounds are converted to cups.

How many cups in a pound of flour?

The number of cups in a pound of flour is a bit complex to master because it depends on the type of flour you are talking about.

For example, My Recipes indicates that all-purpose flour would have 3 1/3 cups per pound of it while a pound of cake flour would have 4 ½ cups in it. Conversely, pastry flour has 4 ¼ cups in a pound of it and whole wheat flour would have 3 ½ cups in each pound of it.

1 pound of pastry flour = 4 1/4 cups

1 pound of whole wheat flour = 3 1/2 cups

How many cups in a pound of pasta?

According to My Food and Family, there are various conversion values for various types of pasta. And it specifically differs between dry and cooked pasta. But in this section, we will only show you the number of cups per pound in cooked pasta.

We shall only mention here the most commonly cooked pasta in family meals. For this, you can refer to this table below:

PastaNumber of cups per pound (cooked)
Linguine3 ¾
Spaghetti3 ½
Vermicelli3 ½

How many cups in a pound of sugar? 

Like all other dry ingredients, a pound of sugar can also be variably expressed using cups. For example, a pound of brown sugar would make 3 ½ cups.

A pound of packed brown sugar though will make 2 ¼ cups. A pound of white, refined sugar according to the site Meredith would make up 4 cups. There have been no explanations about this variation but we must know that the standard one-pound pack of sugar would have 4 cups in it.

1 pound of brown suger = 3 1/2 cups

1 pound of packed brown suger = 2 1/4 cups

1 pound of white, refined sugar = 4 cups

How many cups in a pound of butter

According to Chateleine Kitchen, one pound of butter follows the standard metric conversion of 2 cups. Regardless of the brand and consistency measure, the packed butter has the 1pound is to 2cups conversion.

1 pound of butter = 2 cups

How many cups in a pound of beans

In the same manner, there are 2 cups of dried beans in every pound of it according to The Spruce Eats. There is no specific pound to cup measurements for cooked beans because cooked beans are expressed in cup or ounces only.

1 pound of dried beans = 2 cups

Convert cups into pounds and ounces

In converting pounds to cups, always remember these values: 1.91 cups in one US pound and 0.66 cups in one UK pound. For you to have more ease in converting pounds to cups and vice-versa, here is a conversion table you can follow:

US poundCupsUK poundCups


To conclude, it is essential to know how many cups are in a pound because it is very usable in many circumstances especially in cooking. As has been said, supermarket labels use pounds but the actual recipe would call for the cup value of it.

What makes it more important is the fact that most ingredients have varying cup values like flour, pasta and sugar. As such, we need to know which ingredient has varying pound to cup measurements and which ones follow the standard conversion of one pound is equal to 2 cups.

1 pound = 2 cups


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