Self Care and Mental Health – Top 10 Health Benefits of Aloe


Whether you’re looking for a better skin-care routine or boosting your antioxidant and antibacterial strength, there are many ways the aloe vera plant can come into play. A popular medicinal plant that’s thick and short-stemmed, it’s best known for treating skin injuries like sunburn. The aloe vera leaves store water and, after being cut open, produces a slick, slimy mucus that can be applied to your skin, in drinks, or even on your teeth.  With the additional fact that it’s easy to maintain and grow in your own home garden, there’s little reason not to have one of these plants applied to your daily health routine.

It’s important to note that the aloe vera plant shouldn’t become a supplement for any medicinal prescriptions or professional advice. For those with skin conditions, sensitivity, or allergies, consult your personal care physician if you have any concerns using aloe. While it’s rare for someone to have an allergic reaction to aloe vera, the chance could be increased with certain medications or procedures. For those that have used aloe in the past for sunburns or moisturizers, adding these health care tips to your regular routine should be just as safe.

1. Remedy for common skin conditions

One of the most common uses for aloe products is the treatment of burns and rashes. Conditions like sunburn, eczema, and razor burn cause inflammation in the skin that’s easily irritated by the slightest touch. The application of the plant’s gel can reduce the inflammation and redness of the sore, soothe pain, and help heal the area.

2.  Hydrates and moisturizes your skin

Helpful skincare products are designed to repair damaged skin but store-bought items can end up further irritating your face and body. With various balances of chemicals, people with any degree of sensitivity can have a difficult time locating the right product that’s affordable and hydrating.

Aloe is 95% water and contains important electrolytes and amino acids that help maintain a fresh and vibrant face. Using the gel after a shower can help seal in moisture, soften the skin, and tighten your pores. Read more about how you can prevent stress and anxiety from affecting your physical health and appearance.

3.    Treats acne breakouts

With the regular use of aloe, a hydrated and moisturized face can be the first step to acne prevention. However, especially for young adults, hormones can become imbalanced at the drop of a hat, leading to a breakout. Aloe vera gets its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory boost from the salicylic acid it contains. This acid helps fight bacteria and stress-induced pore inflammation that can become easily irritated and clogged.

4.    Reduces aging damaging

With regular care to hydrate, moisturize, and treat your face, aloe is also working as an anti-aging assistant. Moisturizing your face can reduce wrinkles, cracks, and damages that can reduce the elasticity of your skin. Additionally, damage from the sun is a major contributing factor to visible signs of aging – if you’re already using aloe to treat your skin after a day out, you’re one step ahead!

5.    Contributes to the digestion process

While more research is needed for sufficient evidence, consuming a small amount of aloe vera can contribute to digestive properties. The outer portion of the plant, the latex of aloe vera, has a laxative effect and can contribute to bowel movement, detoxification, and digestion. However, like many laxatives, you need to be careful with how much you consume as it could lead to stomach cramps and dehydration.

6.    Provides a metabolism boost

Consuming small portions of aloe vera juice could help contribute to weight loss by giving your metabolism a boost. Unlike your skincare routine, this should not be taken regularly as it could lead to diarrhea and other stomach complications because of the laxative properties of the plant. However, some metabolism drinks and supplements contain small amounts of aloe vera juice to help promote regular bowel movement.

7.    Can reduce blood sugar levels

There have been studies that found the effects of aloe vera can contribute to certain diabetic conditions to help reduce blood sugar levels. These studies focus on the possibility that aloe vera may increase insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management. It’s important to note that research has not released any definitive conclusions and therefore scientists still recommend the consultation of a doctor for regular diabetic needs.

8.    Reduces constipation

The latex of aloe vera – the sticky, yellow part underneath the skin of the leaf – has laxative properties that can help treat constipation. However, this product shouldn’t be used frequently; aloe latex products haven’t been available over-the-counter in the U.S. since 2002. If you have conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, your primary care physician can provide digestive care medication to be used regularly if you need it.

9.    Fights plaque

Aloe vera is great for oral health and a key addition to your dental routine as well. Using aloe vera juice in place of your regular mouthwash could begin to reduce plaque buildup faster than typical chlorhexidine products. Natural aloe vera toothpaste can also lower your risk of bacteria build-up and gingivitis.

10.   Soothes mouth sores

For people that contract canker sores or other uncomfortable mouth ulcers, it can be an irritating and painful waiting game. It’s common for you to experience these kinds of sores at some point in your life, finding a sore under your lip, in your cheek, or elsewhere inside your mouth. While they can last up to a week, aloe vera treatment can help accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation and pain.

While you shouldn’t regularly consume aloe vera juice, adding it to your typical bathroom routine every morning and night can show a major turn in results. Whether you have your own house plant sitting in the bedroom window or you look for aloe vera in your hygiene products, the gel and juice can help with skincare and repair, digestion issues, and oral hygiene. Instead of spending extra time and money to feel relaxed and pampered at a spa, you could have what you need sitting right on the bathroom counter at home.


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