Unflavored Vs. Flavored CBD Tinctures: What’s Better?


CBD tinctures are understandably popular. There are many advantages to all types of CBD tinctures. Find out which option makes the most sense for you personally.

Introduction to CBD

CBD oil is something that many people have enjoyed consuming. CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. A CBD oil or CBD tincture is an oil that is taken directly from the plant and turned into an oil that people can use at home. CBD begins after it is created from hemp. The resulting oil is then combined with other ingredients in order to give it stability and make it easier to use. The oil will not provide users with a high so it is safe and legal. Many people find using this oil offers much welcome relief from problems like minor aches and pains that can make it hard to sleep. They also find that it has a soothing aroma that pleases the senses and helps people feel more relaxed.

The Varied Types

In general, CBD tinctures can be divided into two types. There’s the unflavored, varied with no additional ingredients. Buyers can also find many kinds of flavored CBD tinctures on the market like the ones offered by HempFusion. It’s helpful to understand what is in each form. Unflavored does not completely lacking in flavor. Users who take what is labeled unflavored CBD tinctures find the tincture still has a mild undertone of the oil. This can be very pleasing for those who prefer to keep their flavors plain without the intrusion of any other flavors as they use it.

Another type of CBD tincture is what is known as the flavored variety. These are tinctures that usually have at least one additional ingredient before it reaches the buyer. You can find many types of ingredients that might enhance your experience when consuming these products. For example, the tincture might have an overtone of a common flavor that people love to eat such as bacon. The tincture might also have an all natural herb flavor such as rosemary, oregano or mint.

One of the best things about this kind of tincture is you can find so many choices. You might want to go for the strawberry variety one day and then opt for lemon, hazelnut or key lime the next.

Each One Has Benefits

Consuming flavored tinctures can be ideal if you are looking for a flavor that creates lots of memories as you use it. For example, if you are using it on a fall day, an oil with an undertone of cinnamon is wonderful. If you are consuming it sublingually, this is one way to bring on the flavor. On the other hand, unflavored versions lets you concentrate on the benefits rather than being confronted with a strong flavor that may not be what you want in the experience. It’s all a good choice when you are using it to flavor dishes.

In either case, this is one tincture that helps you enjoy life.


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