What Goes Good With Tomato Soup – The Warm, Tasty Recommendations

What goes good with tomato soup

There is nothing healthier or better to eat than a freshly made tomato soup while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of your home. But more often than not, people are unsure what to eat with it. Well, here are some suggestions of what you may use.

How we can cook this tomato soup quickly


One of the things you need to consider before you actually start is going to the green market and choosing the right ingredients for your soup.

• Please pick up only the fresh red ripe tomatoes, and not unripe or sour – since this is the main ingredient. Be careful.
• For your soup to be successful, there must be a sour-sweet taste so don’t put too much sugar in it
• If you want to have a perfect density of the soup, it would be best if you use a blender or to make a puree out of the cooked tomatoes
• The onions are optional in this soup, but my advice is that you do put a very small onion – you are not going to feel any taste from it, but your soup will outstand everyone
• Don’t skip the garlic


• five medium to large tomatoes
• 2- 3 cloves of garlic
• 1 or 2 onions
• One teaspoon of flour (the best, in this case, is flour made of maize or corn – totally up to you)
• 1 tablespoon of cream
• a teaspoon of sugar (added it slowly and try it every time)
• a pinch of salt and black pepper as needed
• 1 or 2 slices of bread according to your wish

Preparation of tomato puree

The tomatoes should be rinsed and put in boiling water with a bit of salt for one or two minutes. Then get them out to cool them and peel them. When you slice the tomatoes, do it over the blender jar so that the juices from tomatoes go straight in it or if it is awkward then slice it on a chopping board and put everything in the blender. Blend it until you get the puree. In the meantime, you need to prepare the chopped onions and garlic and put it aside.

Preparation of bread for the tomato soup

You can put it in the preheat oven or toast it on the toaster – the important thing to remember is that it needs to be crispy and sliced into cubes. Put that aside .

Now the preparation of the tomato soup


You should mix 1 teaspoon of corn flour with 2 tablespoons of water until you make a smooth paste. In a pan , put butter and heat it , then add chopped onion, and stir it until the onions become transparent and soft, add cloves of garlic and leave it for one minute for the garlic to relinquish its beautiful taste and only then add the tomato puree, and of course salt, pepper and water.

This should be cooked on a low to medium temperature until it starts to boil gently. Pour the flour paste into the pan and let it simmer for 5 minutes , then add sugar as well as cream and simmer it for one minute longer.

Serving the tomato soup

Pour the tomato soup into bowls and add the sliced bread cubes to the soup. If you want to decorate your meal with some herbs, the best choices would be parsley or basil in this case. Remember the soup should be served hot.

You may wonder now what can be also added instead of the toasted bread cubes, well I have prepared a couple of suggestions for it , in case you are not a big fan of bread .

What goes good with tomato soup


Classic tomato soup

Grilled cheese sandwiches

You cannot make a mistake because cheese and tomato are a perfect combination which all famous chefs know. Just put the cheese between two slices of bread and toast it until the cheese melts and the bread becomes golden brown.

Fresh basil

If you are a fan of this herb you can add it not only as a decoration but also as a way of improving the taste of the soup.

Ham and cheese sandwich

If you have some ham in the fridge and don’t know how to spend it, well here is a solution just make a sandwich and voila – it will be a nice pairing and you wouldn’t even have to spend money on buying additional ingredients for this meal!

Spicy ranch crackers

Look through your kitchen cardboards or pantry; there must be some bags of crackers that you have completely forgotten about and use them to spice up your tomato soup.

Vegan seeded flax crackers

There is something for everyone so if you are a vegan, or just want to switch your daily diet then this must be it – not only are they crunchy but also these crackers are so healthy that after some time you will lose even a few pounds without even realizing.

Quick and easy chicken wraps

If, by any chance, you have some chicken in your fridge then let us not waste time, prepare a couple of tortillas with chicken, green salad and cheese.

Crispy garlic bruschetta bread

This is actually one of my favorite side meal – not to mention all the explosion of tastes you will feel once you try it. So if you are apt to this, you will need a large bowl in which you will put chopped or even better pressed garlic (there is a kitchen utensil which presses garlic and it makes a paste out of it), basic, salt and pepper. Put this paste on the slices of bread and bake the bread in the oven. Once it is done, slice it in halves and serve it.

Bon Appestit!!

So there it is, so whatever you decide to eat as a side dish to this wonderful tomato soup, you simply cannot make a wrong choice, but you and everyone else who tries this will just love it


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