Things to Consider When Buying Protein Powder


Anyone who has ever stepped into a gym or has actively followed fitness stars on Instagram or other social media would know of the latest craze for protein powders. Protein powders seem to accompany almost every fitness freak today, as aficionados break through the challenges of working out to eat as much lean protein as they can. 

Protein powders are made of powerful blends that happen to do it all for users today. Not only can protein powders replenish the level of energy in your body after a long and extensive workout, but they also provide your body with a decent amount of protein, which is otherwise hard to take through your diet. 

Protein powders are also available in a number of varieties, including pea, soy, hemp and rice. Keeping the variations in mind, shopping for the right protein powder can be a complicated task as you move through the clutter in the market. Fortunately, there is a handy tool like Cellucor’s pre workout quiz to identify the right supplements to help you burn fat, get lean, improve your workout performance and others.

If you aren’t a fitness freak and just want to meet your body’s protein requirement, then you should choose whole food first, above protein. Different food varieties come with varying levels of protein, which can help improve your protein intake and can also give you enough to keep yourself energized. 

Some popular food categories with the grams of protein present inside of them include: 

  • Three ounces of chicken breast—21 grams of protein
  • Three ounces of salmon—19 grams of protein
  • Half cup of black beans—7.6 grams of protein
  • Half cup of lentils—9 grams of protein

In this article, we take a look at the different things you should consider when buying protein powder. The purchase isn’t easy, which is why we simplify it through the right tips and techniques. 

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Know if You Need Extra Protein 

Not everyone today needs protein powder. While some people can do well with an extra boost, it is necessary to know whether you really require the added protein or not. Protein powder can be used as a supplement if you are ill and don’t have enough protein in your diet currently. If you actively train for hours, your body will need enough protein to grow mass and build muscle. 

Protein powder is the ideal choice for users looking to meet their daily protein count without going crazy on protein-high ingredients. Protein powders can be consumed in the form of juice to provide an easy and convenient way of consuming them. 

Know the Details 

Protein powder is made out of different active ingredients. If you want to consume protein through a supplement, you can go for any of these options. 

  • Whey protein is milk and yogurt based. The powder helps promote muscle functions and gives us the amino acids needed for muscle mass. Whey protein contains all the amino acids needed by your body for growth. 
  • Soy protein is a plant-based protein ingredient. Soy protein can reduce the risk of heart disease in your body. Soy protein is also used to increase and improve bone health. 
  • Rice protein is another plant-based source of protein. Rice protein can improve performance while exercising and can give your body’s composition the boost it needs. This supplement shouldn’t be used as your only source of protein. 
  • Pea protein is good for people who want to avoid both dairy and plant-based proteins. Pea protein can increase muscle thickness and can be used in the gym. 

Know the Ingredients 

Just like most packaged foods, protein powders are also loaded with a number of key ingredients. Hence, it is necessary that you read the ingredients in detail before you make the purchase. Ingredients vary wildly, as protein powders aren’t properly regulated. You should read the ingredients in detail and make sure you aren’t going for the wrong thing. 

Look for the following: 

  • A product with ingredients you can pronounce 
  • A supplement without sweeteners or added sugars 
  • Powder for protein 

Shake with a Smoothie 

Since protein powders do not give a pleasant taste when consumed with water alone, you can take them together with your favorite smoothie. Just prepare your smoothies as you normally would, and then add a scoop of healthy protein powder from this selection

You can try the following combinations for effective results: 

  • Berries, almond milk and banana
  • Banana, spinach and water
  • Mango, pineapple and coconut water

Protein powders are in growing demand today, and we hope the things we have discussed here will help you make a good choice for the protein powder you should buy. Use the product carefully and don’t overdo it.


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