How to Stay Motivated for your Daily Workouts


Starting a fitness routine and signing up for a gym membership is easy. Sticking to that routine though, that’s a different story. Most people pull out of their commitment to work out in a few days or weeks.

It’s often our self-imposed mental limits that keep holding us down from working out consistently. Here are some of the ways that you can keep your head in the game and stay motivated to stick to your fitness routine.

Set a goal

Set a date for yourself that you can call the big day where you absolutely have to be in the shape that you desire. It can be one big race for which you have registered, or just as simple as fitting into a bikini by the annual beach vacation, or it can just be having a body that you want to impress your crush with.  Circle that date on your calendar and keep the remaining days in your mind at all times.

You can set a realistic goal and devise clear milestones to keep track of your progress. Every day you’ll be moving a small step forward towards that goal. If you want to get in shape within 90 days, treat today as 1/90th of that opportunity.

Treat any irregularities in your body beforehand

Before committing to a fitness routine, you need to make sure that your body is functioning normally. Any undiagnosed sickness or an irregularity in your body can greatly damage your motivation levels if you discover them later on. So get your body thoroughly checked up and gain confidence that it can handle any fitness routine that you are about to commit to.

It’s important to confirm that you don’t have any heart-related issues and your blood circulation is healthy beforehand. To prevent any strokes, blood clots, and irregular heartbeats; get yourself treated and get a prescription med. You can use discounts and save money by ordering your drug from online Canadian Pharmacies. Get on the web and view coupon offer for your medication, be it a blood thinner or anything else that your body requires.

Make a suitable workout routine

Find a fitness routine that is just right for you. If you feel the most active early in the morning, make a routine around that. If you are busy throughout the day and get some time for yourself late at night after putting the kids to bed, make that your exercise time. Put your weekly schedule in front of you and try to build an hour each day to dedicate to your body.

Put on your workout clothes

One of the best ways to get motivated every day is to get dressed for your workout. You’ll get out of your couch and you wouldn’t want to sit back again with your training clothes on. Anything that fits you and makes you feel active will do.

Get a workout partner

It’s easy to call off a workout if it’s just you when you don’t feel like getting up, but much harder when your friend is waiting for you outside. Getting a partner that shares your enthusiasm for exercising can be very helpful. Try to find a friend that wants to perform the same workout routines as you. They’ll motivate you to get up on your lazy days and you’ll do the same for them.


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