How to Prevent Skin Breakouts if You Use Makeup Regularly


Most people who struggle with acne use makeup to cover the spots as much as possible. Thanks to the wide variety of beauty products in the market, you can easily conceal acne with a concealer, foundation, or other products.

However, you may worsen the acne condition or cause excessive breakouts without realizing if you make makeup mistakes. Using expired products and dirty brushes to apply makeup is something you should avoid doing to lessen breakouts.

If you use makeup frequently, here are the tips you can use to minimize skin breakouts.

Keep Your Brushes and Makeup Applicators Clean

Makeup brushes and sponges may collect dirt and, in the process, cause acne breakout and bacteria proliferation. If you cannot recall the last time you thoroughly cleaned your makeup tools, the chances are high they have collected all types of bacteria, dirt, and oils, which are harmful to your skin.

When it comes to how regularly you need to clean the brushes, you might be shocked by how regularly you need to clean them. If possible, you should consider cleaning them after every use. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends people to wash their brushes after every 7 – 10 days.

Use the Right Foundation

Your skin is prone to breakouts if you use beauty products that unknowingly clog pores, as this helps acne-causing bacteria to thrive and grow. According to this study, you should avoid using products with comedogenic ingredients to prevent skin troubles. Some components to watch out for include dyes, fragrances, and alcohol.

Take Off Makeup Properly

Regardless of how tired you are after your daily schedules, it would help if you took off makeup at night by washing your face before getting into bed. Leaving makeup on your skin at night may clog pores leading to sebum buildup. In the end, it results in additional acne.

Makeups interfere with your skin’s natural ability to exfoliate and repair itself. You can start with a wipe and later use a cleanser to remove the makeup perfectly. The best thing about using a cleanser is that it eradicates all traces of buildup, including pollution, dirt, and oils.

Here are some of the reasons for exfoliating your skin regularly.

Avoid Using Fingers to Apply Makeup

Fingers are exceptional tools for perfecting your lovely look. Ultimately, your fingertips offer you the best way to prepare a liquid formula or get a perfect appearance. However, you may transfer grime and bacteria from your hands to the face by failing to wash the hands immediately before makeup application.

Remember that fingers have plenty of germs that irritate the skin, especially when using hands to apply makeup. Most dermatologists agree that the best way to apply makeup entails using clean brushes and sponges.

Avoid Using Excessive Foundation to Cover Breakouts

You should go easy on your skin, even if it is tempting to use a lot of makeup to conceal blemish and aggressive breakout. Apply makeup to the face depending on the supporting tissue’s thickness. Merely put, apply minimal makeup around thin skin areas, especially around the eyes, forehead, and nose’s bridge.

The Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about excessive skin breakouts, consider getting help from a dermatologist. A dermatologist gives you a professional range of treatments to prevent acne and breakouts.

Also, they can assist you in finding the ideal treatment method, along with plenty of valuable tips for dealing with breakout and caring for your skin type.


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