How to Follow a Diet with Reduced Carbohydates


Many dieters have lost weight on low carb diets; however others fail to succeed because they fail to follow the diet correctly or become bored. Here are tips for success.

One of the most popular weight loss methods in modern times is the low carb diet. A low carb diet is one that limits carbohydrates such as bread, grains, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables and fruits, while focusing on protein and fat. Different low carb diets vary in both the types and amounts of carbs to be eaten each day.

The Atkins diet is probably the strictest food plan as only 30 grams of carbs are allowed daily. It’s best to research all the different diets before determining which one is most healthy and effective, as well as works best for a particular lifestyle.

Finding Support for Low Carb Diets

Finding support is one of the most crucial factors in succeeding on a low carb diet. One of the best ways to find support from others on a similar diet is by searching for message boards and diet forums online. Support from family members is also important as often when people start a low carb diet their new way of eating conflicts with the way the rest of the family eats.

Low Carb Snacks

A good motto in following a low carb diet is the old Boy Scout motto of “be prepared.” In other words, don’t go out of the house without some good quality low carb snacks to avoid being tempted from indulging in high carb snacks such as doughnuts that are commonly offered during office coffee breaks.

Some excellent low carb snacks include nuts such as cashews, almonds and pistachios. Rather than grab a handful of nuts out of a large bag, it helps to measure out servings in individual snack bags that are labeled containing information including calories and carbs. Other good low carb snacks are boiled eggs, string cheese and cream cheese.

Preventing Boredom with Low Carb Dieting

At first eating a low carb diet is fun as it’s a new way to eat, but then later the diet can tend to be boring if there’s no variety in the foods. That’s when it’s important to search for new recipes and menus. There are tons of low carb recipes and menus that can be found online. A wide variety of low carb cookbooks are also available found both online and at bookstores.

Mass Cooking for Low Carb Dishes

Sometimes low carb dieters complain because they may have to cook more than when they grabbed food loaded with bad carbs from fast food eateries while on the run. It’s true that more cooking is often involved in low carb diets, but one way to save time in the kitchen is by reserving one day of the week to cook several dishes and then freeze them.

This can be a complex recipe or doing something as simple as cooking hamburger patties and freezing them. When placing a food in a container it’s helpful to include nutritional information found on packaging labels such as calories and carbs. If this data isn’t given, Calorie can provide the nutritional information.

Finally, realize that a slow weight loss is better and healthier than a rapid one. For those weeks when weight loss is slow or perhaps there’s even a small gain, it’s important to be recording body measurements. After all, that’s what people notice anyway is how a person looks rather than a number on a scale.


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