Easy Ways to Burn More Fat and Lose Weight


Maximizing your weight loss can be easy. Add these simple changes to your schedule, boost your metabolism, burn more fat and lose more weight.

Significant weight loss takes commitment, lifestyle changes and a lot of sweat. But there are a lot of small things you can do in between exercise sessions that will maximize the hard work you put in at the gym. These small changes take very little effort and are so simple yet effective that it won’t be difficult to make turn them into new habits that will prove themselves on the scale.

You have probably already cut out sugary drinks and replaced them with water in your quest to lose weight. That is half the battle. But you could be drinking something with more health benefits than water that will also boost your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories and fat in less time.

Boost Metabolism with Green Tea

Drinking 3-4 cups of green tea per day has been shown to boost metabolism significantly, reduce obesity, and even lower LDL cholesterol (University of Maryland Medical Center). Drink it hot or cold. Invest in an iced tea maker and use green tea bags instead of regular.

Add These Sweeteners and Flavors to Enhance Your Beverages

To prevent the addition of calories, use a natural non-calorie sweetener like Stevia or Truvia – both made from natural ingredients that won’t cost you anything in the waistline. Keep a pitcher in the fridge and it will be easy to get your three cups in a day.

For an additional boost that will make you burn fat and add flavor to your beverages, squeeze a wedge of lemon into your tea or water. Lemon juice contains a great deal of vitamin C – a key factor in losing weight (WebMD). This vitamin promotes weight loss as it targets excess fatty deposits on your body and keeps them from becoming stored there. Cut up lemon wedges ahead of time and store them in the fridge to help you save time on busy days.

Add Time to Your Workout

Adding just five more (vigorous) minutes to your workout routine can help you shake those pounds a little bit faster. Everyone can afford five minutes. If you work out five times a week, those five minutes add up to 20 additional minutes of exercise.

Don’t Confuse Thirst and Hunger

A scientific study by students of Vanderbilt University revealed that hunger is often confused with thirst. The two sensations – hunger and thirst – can be very similar. If you are unsure about which one you are experiencing, pour yourself some water and see if that quenches the sensation in your midsection. If your stomach is still gnawing, have a low-cal snack – but consider this next tip.

Cut Back on Snacking

Eliminate snacking to only eating when you are hungry. It’s simple: in between regular meals, refrain from snacking unless your stomach is literally growling. Then reach for a healthy snack that won’t sabotage your weight loss plan. The last part of this tip is to not over-snack. Snack a little but stop when your stomach stops growling. Snacks are only meant to tide you over until the next meal, not make you full.

No matter how busy you are, you can add these small changes to your weight loss plan. They could not be any easier. These six tips will not cut into your schedule in any big way, but they will boost your metabolism, burn more fat and help you lose weight.


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