How to boil quail eggs


If you have your hands on quail eggs or are looking to get some, you have certainly landed at the right place because today; we are going to discover all about boiling quail eggs and their benefits.

The world makes different rules for everyone. Be it just eggs; chicken eggs, pigeon eggs, or that of a quail, all can be similar yet different. Therefore, your existing knowledge regarding eggs can be limiting for boiling quail eggs.

However, this guide should answer all the queries people ask when they buy quail eggs. The biggest one being-how to boil quail eggs?

How to Boil Quail Eggs?

A step-by-step guide is one of the easiest ways of understanding things to their best. While the dark brown speckling shells may not look appealing to many, they, however, taste superb. Let’s break down steps of how you can boil quail eggs.

  1. First things first, have your requirements ready. You don’t need much, except a pan, stove and, of course, some quail eggs.
  2. Fill your pan with water and then put it on heat. Add the quail eggs into the pan, you do not have to wait for the water to boil.
  3. Put on a timer and let the eggs boil for at least 2 minutes for a soft boiled one. For those who dislike their eggs with the raw yolk. They should let the eggs boil for 4 to 5 minutes.
  4. When the time’s up, take your eggs off and transfer them into a cold water bowl for a minute.
  5. The eggs are finally ready, and now you can peel them.

Cracking and Peeling the Quail Egg

Simple tasks can often become different once you practically do them. For example, cracking, peeling or boiling of an egg may seem simple, until it isn’t.

If you wanted a soft boiled egg but your egg turned out hard-boiled one. This may put you off. It’s the little things you have to pay attention to.

Cracking and peeling the egg is just like that. It can be different from a chicken egg, hence follow the simple rules below.

For cracking the boiled egg, just take the egg and hit it on the sides on a hard surface to crack open the shell of the boiled egg. However, if you want to crack open a raw egg, do it with a pair of scissors. The reason for it that unlike a chicken egg, the quail egg has a thicker shell.

To break that, you will need to hit it a little harder. However, make sure it isn’t hard enough to spill the egg.

For peeling, gently take the boiled eggs after they have been cooled down. Crack it open and peel it like you would peel any normal egg.

Nutritious value of Quail Eggs

We all have seen the rise of quail eggs in cooking. What could be the reason behind it? Why would someone want an egg sized three times smaller than a chicken egg?

An egg lover like me would ask for two eggs instead of going for less.

The cream shelled and deep-yellow coloured eggs come with significant benefits. If you have not yet eaten a quail egg, trust me, you are missing out on something yummy and healthy.

Roughly, one quail egg of 9 grams contains about 14 calories in total. Quail eggs are rich in vitamin A and B12, containing 2% of the DV of each. It also contains a good amount of iron, phosphorus and Selenium, all of which are good for the body yet needed only in a small portion.

The essential nutrients present in Quail eggs help in ensuring a good thyroid function and maintain a healthy nervous system. It also plays a role in optimising energy level and making acetylcholine.

Benefits of eating Quail Eggs

Eggs are known for their health benifits. Same goes with quail egge. They may have small size but store great health benifits. Some of which are discussed below,

An excellent source of protein: eggs being a significant source of protein is no surprise to us but, eggs so small containing a considerably good amount of protein is astounding.

Quail eggs serve to spring protein in our diet. The protein is essential to repair the muscles in the body and oxygenate the blood cells.

Maintaining cholesterol level: the fats in quail eggs comprise 60% of cholesterol but, don’t worry, this cholesterol is healthy, and absolutely needed. This good cholesterol (HDL) is essential for the body as it helps to strengthen heart functions and reduce the effect of bad cholesterol (LDL) too!

Building immunity: immunity boosters are essential and definitely required for good health. Quail eggs should be added to your diet more often than you would think so.

 One quail eggs boast immunity like no other. Take two eggs in the morning and see the energy that unrolls all throughout the day!

Help against Anaemia: physicians always promote an iron-rich diet. Iron helps the body to perform various functions. This important mineral promotes the synthesis of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin are proteins that help to transfer oxygen from lungs to the different tissues of the human body.

Sufficient intake of iron may also help to treat anaemia and the utilisation and storage of oxygen by muscles.

Quail eggs VS Chicken Eggs

In this contest between quail eggs and chicken eggs, we’re a fan of both. So, while we know so much about chicken eggs already, let’s see how quail eggs are different from chicken eggs.

  • The biggest difference between the two is the size. Quail eggs are very tiny. Their smaller size makes them about 3-4 times smaller than a chicken egg.
  • Eggshells of a quail egg and chicken eggs are quite different too. We can distinguish quail egg from chicken egg through its cream colour and a texture
  • Apart from this, the nutritional value of quail eggs is slightly higher than the chicken eggs. However, unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are not easily available. They can be found in only some specific areas and hence, this makes them expensive.

You might have noticed people deficient in iron usually have low energy level. Iron helps in the growth and development of the body. It also helps to overcome weakness and shortness of breath. Quail eggs are a good iron supplier.

Perfect recipie for your desire taste

Quail eggs are all that and more. What we have covered above is just its health benefits, but the fact is, they taste equally good as well. You can experiment with quail eggs recipes and find the perfect egg style for you.

I have dicussed the basic way of boiling quali eggs but there is musch more to discover. The boiling time and temperature affects the softness or hardness of your quali egg. Therefore it is important to try suitable recipies to get your desired results.

Isn’t it wonderul to try different recipie from one ingredient and get unique taste each day from the same egg?

Interesting right?

Try it now with the help of . This site is a perfect recipie guide and explains about the nutients too. You’ll be guided through many things, all through scratch!


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