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Like the tablespoon and the ounce, gram is also a very common unit of measurement for both dry and liquid ingredients. Having knowledge on how many grams in a cup is essential because when you buy the ingredient in the supermarket, the volume label is expressed in grams but the recipe book usually uses cups. And since we cannot afford to be discrepant with the actual volume needed for our dishes, we need to know that there are 128 grams in one cup.

What is a Gram?

Gram was coined as a unit of measurement to measure the absolute volume of water. It is expressed using the letter ‘g and it is mostly used among dry ingredients.

It can also be used for liquid ingredients specifically in the nutrition label which you can find at the back of the product when you go to the supermarket. It is beneficial to express volumes by grams in 100g per serving because it is the base value in computing percentage by weight.

How many grams in one cup of dry ingredients?

Although the customary/US cup is converted to 128 grams, it must be understood that there are different conversion values for different types of dry ingredients. In here, let us take these examples.

1 US cup = 128 grams

How many grams in a cup of flour?

According to the Cupcake Project, there are 140 grams in one cup of flour. However, most baking sites recommend that newbie bakers stick with the 128 grams because the added 12 grams might have an effect on the pastry’s overall consistency.

1 cup of flour = 140 grams

How many grams in a cup of butter?

Conversely, there are 227 grams in every cup of butter. Measurements for butter are very important to know because it is a staple ingredient not only for pastries but also for savory dishes ranging from meats to soups.

1 cup of butter = 227 grams

How many grams in a cup of rice?

There are two answers to this because there is the cooked rice and uncooked rice. According to Cook It Simply, there are 185 grams in every cup of uncooked rice while there are 200 grams for every one cup of cooked rice. If you cannot go on a day without rice, then you now know that you are consuming 200 grams of rice per day and that 200 grams of rice is equivalent to at least 194 calories.

1 cup of rice = 200 grams

How many grams in one cup of liquid ingredients?

As have been mentioned, liquid ingredients could also be expressed in grams. For example, one cup of corn syrup has 340 grams while a cup of buttermilk has 225 grams.

1 cup of corn syrup = 340 grams

1 cup of buttermilk = 225 grams

Baking Ingredient Conversion Table

Ingredient1/8 cup1/4 cup1/3 cup1/2 cup2/3 cup3/4 cup1 cup
Butter28.37556.7575.67113.5151.3170.25227 grams
Bread Flour17 grams34 grams45.3 grams68 grams91 grams102 grams136 grams
Rolled Oats10.625 grams21.25 grams28.3 grams42.5 grams56.67 grams63.75 grams85 grams
Milk (1.035g/L)30.61g61.22g81.62g122.43g163.25g183.65g244.87g
White Sugar (Granulated)25.125g50.25g67g100.5g134g150.75g201g
Packed Brown Sugar27.5g55g73.33g110g146.67g165g220g
Sugar (powdered, unsifted)15.11g30.225g40.3g60.45g80.6g90.675g120.9g


Knowing how many grams is equivalent to a cup is important because to know because grams is used in grocery labels for ingredient packaging.

However, we must also know that there are various value conversions for grams in every cup of different ingredients. If we are not sure of the conversion value for each, the safest thing to do is to adhere with the customary conversion of cups to grams which is 128.

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