Here Are 5 Different Ways of Using Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver is an old remedy that has been in use for many years to treat different health conditions. It has been shown to improve gut issues, boost the immune system, fight fungal infections, and others. However, using it wrongly and not choosing the right colloidal silver could lead to other issues. Therefore, knowing how to safely use products like colloidal silver spray to your advantage is vital. The following are five practical ways of using colloidal silver.

Resolving Gut Problems

One primary use of colloidal silver is to resolve gut issues. The product has been effective in cleansing the colon for many years. There have been various developments over the years.

Therefore, you can use it as a therapy to help clear gut issues like candida, bloating, constipation, leaky guts, and others.

It can also help treat the damages caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Use colloidal silver safely by mixing 1oz aloe juice with 1oz colloidal silver. Make sure you drink the mixture three times a day before food. You will notice a huge difference in your guts within two to six weeks. 


This product is a natural antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic substance. According to numerous researches, colloidal silver kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses in minutes. Therefore, it has been shown to boost the immune system.

You can spray the substance on your nose to ease the effect of allergies and sinus infections. You may also take a tsp of colloidal silver to enhance your immune system.

If you want to fasten the process of bacterial infection recovery, use 2 to 3 drops of silver colloidal three times a day. You can also use the substance to enhance healing and ease the symptoms of flu or cod.

A First Aid Solution

It is essential to have colloidal silver products in your first aid kit. It is a substance that provides quick relief to some of the issues mentioned above. You can also use it to treat wounds like cuts, burns, bruises, and such. Don’t forget to also bring some with you when traveling.

Fighting Fungal Infections

It is also possible for colloidal silver to treat infections related to fungi such as ringworms, thrush, candida, and more. Therefore, if you have a problem with fungal infections, colloidal silver can help solve them.

Resolving Skin Issues

Skin issues like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, and others can be irritating and come with other conditions. So, the substance helps reduce pain, soreness, redness, and inflammation caused by these issues. You can also use the colloidal silver gel as a beauty product and treat skin issues. Use it as a night cream or apply it under your eyes to remove the fine lines. 


These are five ways of using colloidal silver for health benefits. However, knowing how to use it safely is crucial because too much of it could increase the chances of toxicity. Stick to a reputable brand known for selling pure silver since low-quality colloidal silver can result in argyria or skin blueness. Use it almost an hour before or after meals. You can add the substance to your juice or smoothie for a better experience. 


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