How a Chiropractor Can Help You


What Is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is an unconventional and alternative method of medical treatment for issues with muscle and joint pain. It is unconventional as it is manual-therapy based, with the chiropractors using their hands to manipulate your skeleton to relieve pressure. Chiropractors generally specialise in back and neck pain, but the treatment may also help other issues that you’re experiencing, such as headaches.

Setting Your Own Expectations

Due to the standard practise of a thorough assessment before performing the actual treatment, you have plenty of opportunity to state what exactly it is that you want from your session.

The Inner Wellness Chiropractor clinic even hold free meet-and-greet appointments to determine whether this approach is the most suitable for the care that you need, and only when it is professionally approved do you begin with the initial assessment appointment. This method of rehabilitation allows your recovery to be personal to you.

The Specifics

While chiropractors are frequently perceived to only have one method to their treatment (hands-on care), some offer other services like acupuncture and shockwave therapy. In addition, it does not always have to be solely physical.

Some chiropractors can provide health and lifestyle counselling and create plans for you to undertake alone in terms of exercise and diet-based solutions.

The Success Rate

The success rate of chiropractor treatment has divided opinions in the past. Many do not believe in its effectiveness, despite the success stories of people who have undertaken such services and found vast improvement in their muscles and joints.

In fact, a study involving military patients found that their pain was less frequent and less intense while receiving chiropractic care.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Medical treatments can be financially crippling to fund, but chiropractic care is covered by many health insurance providers. For UK residents, chiropractic treatment is not broadly accessible on the NHS system, so most pay for private treatment.

This means that prices can vary depending on the practitioner you choose, which often goes hand in hand with the level of care and professional treatment you receive in turn. Mostly though, chiropractic treatment is affordable.

Be sure to thoroughly research your potential practitioners to assess their credentials before they perform such treatment on you, to get the most out of your experience.

Find the Best Solution for You

Skeletal, muscle, or joint problems should be taken very seriously as they are likely to affect your mobility. If your issue is more complicated, then consider looking into other treatment options for complex spinal disorders, such as surgery, as chiropractic services may not be as suitable for your specific problem.

That being said, the risks of chiropractic treatment tend to be on the lower end of the scale, with mild side effects such as stiffness, so it is generally an appropriate method of easing your pains while waiting for surgery, if nothing else. Either way, consulting your doctor is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Although chiropractic services may not be suitable for people with more serious medical conditions relating to their spine or joints, or may not be your sole treatment, it is still a highly approved service due to its low-risk nature, great success rate, and the fact that it is often a personalised experience that you can tailor to suit exactly what you need.


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