Can We Offer HHC Gummies To Pets?


HHC is a phytocannabinoid naturally present in cannabis plants. It is extracted commercially and found less toxic and not psychoactive when used at a regulated dosage. The hydrogenation of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC prepares it. This new cannabinoid is blooming in the cannabis market.

The effects of this compound are similar to that of THC. They are available in different forms. HHC Gummies are the most popular not only to people but also to furry friends. In recent days, HHC for pets has been trending among cannabis users. Do you want to know whether cannabinoids can be given to your four-legged friends? Read on to learn.

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol, in short form HHC, differs from THC structure by the hydrogen atoms. It determines the potency and effects of cannabinoids. THC undergoes hydrogenation by replacing hydrogen atoms at the double bond. It gives stability to the cannabinoid structure. The hydrogenation process results in the resistance of cannabinoids to oxidative breakdowns.

In what way does HHC work?

Like endocannabinoid present in human beings, it is also in animals. After the consumption of cannabinoids, it has an immediate effect on pets. HHC has increased bioavailability and acts in the system faster than other substances. The working of the cannabinoid is similar to the natural cannabinoids.

The number of pet owners turning their attention toward Cannabis products has increased enormously as it is more potent and occupies its place of legacy. We can offer these cannabinoid gummies to your pets due to the following reasons:


1. Relieves pain

Sometimes your furry friend can get injured or have inflammation. Pets may fall into miserable situations due to the pain. Pet owners will also be unhappy seeing their friends suffer. Due to the pain, pets will be affected by other issues such as stress and anxiety, and their daily life gets affected. Other ill effects are- increased blood pressure, increased breathing, muscle pain, decreased oxygen saturation, and poor sleep quality.

The symptom of pain in your pet is its aggressive behavior. When pain in the animals remains untreated, there will be a change in their behavior. Pet lovers should give HHC products to their pets, which is the perfect choice as it binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system and reduces pain.

Due to the interaction with the receptors, more anandamide gets produced and increases the feelings of pleasure. The pet’s aging may result in neuropathic pain because of some medical conditions. HHC contains anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce nerve pain in pets.

Pets affected by arthritis, or chronic pain, can be treated with hexahydroxy cannabinol. Pain affects mobility; it cannot move from one place to another. HHC will improve it.

2. Reduces anxiety

Humans are affected by anxiety, and animals have mental health issues. Pressure is normal, but sometimes in extreme conditions, it may lead to disastrous consequences. There are many reasons for stress in animals. They get separated from their owners and fear that may be due to changes in their environment.

Another reason is aging which has insecure feelings. THC has anxiolytic properties like this, and HHC also has the same effects. But it is less potent than THC and does not exhibit psychoactive effects when taken in small doses. It helps to reduce the panting, barking, drooling, and the symptoms associated with fear.

The Endocannabinoid system helps maintain many physiological functions. One among them is the regulation of salivary secretion. Due to the anxiety, pets will start drooling, and it may cause dehydration on the pets. Intake of cannabinoids stimulates the endocannabinoid system and reduces drooling.

You can give gummies infused with HHC in the market to animals with anxiety. It helps to calm the nerves and the reduction in aggressive behaviors.

3. Gives better sleep

Dogs having any medical issues may have sleeplessness and which causes physical and mental health problems. Pain due to inflammation will affect sleep. Oils infused with cannabinoids help to treat insomnia in pets.

4. Overall health improvement

Cannabis plants can improve the overall health of pets. Regular consumption of cannabinoids in the pet makes it active in its behavior. Interaction of cannabinoid receptors in the brain increases the cognitive connection.

Is HHC safe and legal for pets?

It is safe and legal and can be given to pets by caretakers. But giving THC is not safe for your pets. Because it has psychoactive effects on them, Pet owners should be careful while buying cannabis products for their furry friends. As the cannabis industry is not under regulation, there may be a chance for the presence of an increased concentration of THC in the products.

Some of the products may be contaminated and left with toxic and heavy metals by the extraction process. All these chemicals will get deposited in the body for a week. It may lead to side effects, including dilated pupils and decreased heart rate.

How to select the right products for pets?

Here are some ways to choose the right products that will not harm your lovable pets.

1. Third-party lab testing: In the market, cheap products will not have the correct labeling. A trustworthy vendor may always test all their products in an independent lab. It may help to ensure the high quality of the product, which is free from toxic substances.

2. Buy the product which is Non-GMO certified.

3. Ensure that products come manufactured using any artificial flavors or chemicals.

HHC dosage guide

HHC provides many benefits if consumed in a moderate amount. Excess intake may result in intoxication and have negative impacts. Giving less amount will not offer any expected health benefits. Keep in mind to provide the optimal dose for your four-legged friends. You should select the dosage amount based on age, weight, and tolerance.


Hexahydrocannabinol is one of the recent popular cannabinoids among cannabis enthusiasts. It consists of low-calorie and a regular candy-like substance used for pets. Nowadays, gummy forms have attained a reputation as demand for pets. They influence the taste buds giving a delicious experience.

At last, this gummy is safe for pets due to its organic nature, and we should give it in moderate doses. Moreover, offering this gummy to furry friends is a pleasurable experience. Get advice from a medical professional before trying any cannabinoids on your pets.


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