Earn Skills and Qualifications with these Remote Learning Resources


Imagine gaining your degree, without having to pay and extortionate amount for a cupboard you can barely fit a bed in to call home. Or having to quit your job to make time for it. Or having to travel to campus. Or even having to drag yourself out of bed to attend a class.

That is the reality of remote learning. It’s working from home, for students. You can study around your usual work and move at your own pace, with only yourself motivating you.

If that sounds like the ideal learning experience, take a look at our picks for the best ways you can learn remotely.

For the entrepreneurial career

If you fancy yourself as a businessman, look to LinkedIn Learning. The business networking social media platform has expanded on their services to even give people ways to learn new skills.

Choose from three major categories: business, technology and creative, and browse the hundreds of online courses available to improve your business prospects. If you go for business, there are leadership skills and personal branding. In technology, you can learn IT skills like data analytics and Excel skills, and under creative you can gain some graphic design and photography skills. All the courses come in bitesize or in-depth versions so you can learn as much as you need to.

Your skills will be automatically added to your profile so that you can let everyone know how you are actively adding to your CV and skillset. You can also learn with your team. If you are part of a team, you can sign everyone up for the same course and watch everyone’s progress as they learn. Use it to add a skill to the daily operations or improve a department of the business. It is an especially attractive idea for small businesses and start-ups.

For the active career

If you are someone who has a passion for fitness, there is a good chance of turning it into a career. You can make your passion your work while keeping yourself and others fit. If you are considering turning your exercise regime into a career, look to Study Active. With Study Active you can get your personal trainer certifications online and make fitness your career.

Gain your Ofqual regulated gym instructor or personal trainer qualifications and turn your fitness passion from hobby or necessity, into a way of life. You can take any of the available courses on the site to supplement your certificate, opening new career pathways. For example, you can add courses on nutrition or pre or postnatal clients, or clients with long-term conditions to navigate.

You can cover the costs with the ELCAS learning credits scheme if you qualify, putting one less obstacle between you and your new career.

Once you have your qualification you can start working with companies like Sports Direct, Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls and Your Personal Training, or even go freelance and be your own boss.

For the qualification collector

If you are looking for a university level qualification, look to The Open University. The Open Uni is the country’s biggest remote learning facility, with respected qualifications that are at university level.

Build up your qualifications with their module programme, where you can gain 15, 30, 60 or 120 credits each and build to the required 180 credits for your master’s degree and 360 for your honours.

Learn wherever you feel comfortable, at your own pace. Take a module over a month or a year in courses that range from English literature to law, with languages and social sciences in between. You will find something for you amongst their broad list of subjects and more niche courses.


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