Can I Be Treated By My Own Doctor After a Personal Injury Accident?


After a car accident, your life can quickly become chaotic. One minute, you’re driving to work or walking down the sidewalk, and the next, your whole life has changed.

Most people who sustain serious injuries go to the hospital immediately once emergency services arrive on the scene. However, many people may not think they’re hurt without the telltale gashes of visible injuries. Hours or even days later, though, it may be obvious that medical treatment is a necessity.

If you were in a car accident, you may wonder if you should go see your own doctor. Experts advise that immediately following an accident, you should seek medical treatment. Often, general practitioners are unable to accept emergency appointments. Additionally, they may not be equipped to treat the kind of injuries you have sustained.

Why You Should See a Doctor Immediately After Your Accident

In the moments following a car accident, your body may release adrenaline into your blood. On top of that, it’s common to be in a state of shock over the sudden impact and devastation in the aftermath. Both of these factors can mask pain, which may mean you don’t notice symptoms of your injuries.

Some of the most serious injuries may not even present immediate symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding are two serious injuries that happen in accidents that are easy to overlook. Getting immediate medical care can prevent these types of injuries from becoming worse.

As mentioned, your doctor may not be immediately available to see you, or they may not have the background needed to treat your injuries. In that case, they will refer you to a specialist. But the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more likely your insurance company will be to deny your claims if you do have any injuries.

Types of Doctors Victims See After a Personal Injury Accident

Which doctor you see following the accident will depend on the severity and type of injuries you’ve sustained. Seeing a doctor that is experienced in treating people that have been in a personal injury accident is recommended to get your recovery on track.

ER Doctor

If your injuries are severe, you will be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room. ER doctors are trained to stabilize and treat people with traumatic injuries. When the police are called to respond to your accident, paramedics will likely be sent as well. They will determine if you need emergency medical care and transport you via ambulance.

Primary Care Physician

In many accidents, injuries may not be apparent and you may simply walk away. However, don’t thank your lucky stars just yet. You should visit your own doctor as soon as possible. If there are no immediate openings, you should then go to an urgent care center to get an evaluation.


Broken bones, fractures, and dislocations are incredibly common in a personal injury accident. At the hospital or with your own doctor, you will be referred to an orthopedic specialist to help you recover from these types of injuries.


A traumatic brain injury (TBI) or an injury to your spinal cord will require seeing a neurologist. This medical specialist treats conditions that affect the central nervous system.

Keep in mind that your own doctor as well as the emergency room and urgent care staff are great options for your initial evaluation and treatment. However, lingering issues will require frequent follow-up care with one or more specialists. It is imperative that you follow all of the recommendations you are given for your medical care.

Why Your Own Doctor May Refuse to See You After Your Accident

Some people find that when they try to visit their own doctor following a personal injury accident, they are turned away. Your own doctor may be reluctant as they do not want to become involved in a lawsuit or the complicated billing process. They may also refuse to see you because they want you to seek treatment from a doctor experienced in treating car crash injuries.

If your own doctor declines to treat you, make sure you still seek medical treatment. Immediate medical attention can prevent your injuries from becoming worse. Neglecting to treat them could leave you with more debilitating injuries that last a lifetime. On top of that, delaying prompt treatment could mean you will not recover the full compensation you deserve for these injuries.

Imagine your injuries keep you from working and earning a living, or that they lead to regular, expensive medical treatments to help you recover. What if your injuries leave you with a permanent disability? It’s hard to think about, but by seeking immediate medical treatment, you can document these injuries and avoid further medical complications in the long run.

What to Do After Your Accident in California

Injuries from an auto collision or any other type of accident should be treated by medical professionals immediately. Do not assume you’re fine just because you can walk or you’re not visibly bleeding. If your accident was caused by another person, you also want to document your treatments for your personal injury case.

Medical records will be needed to show proof of your injuries and the future of your medical treatments to help you recover. The parties responsible for the accident will need to compensate you for these and other damages that you suffered from their negligence.Don’t wait to see your doctor, especially if they are not experienced in treating car accident victims. Make sure you are seen by an expert to attend to any injuries you may have sustained. The attorneys at Roberts | Jeandron Law advise that you visit a doctor as soon as possible after your personal injury accident so you can get the medical treatment you need and start your recovery.


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