How to Regulate Your Immune System and Increase the Number of Protective Immune Cells


If you walk into a store or browse a health catalog online, you are sure to find a variety of pills and potions claiming to boost the health of your immune system and increase the number of protective immune cells. 

Some are frauds trying to make a quick buck prying on health fad enthusiasts, but some are genuine ways backed by science. Before you pick any remedy, you need to understand the importance of a healthy immune system as you age. Furthermore, ensure that you purchase C60 that is at least 99.99% pure.

One way to achieve a healthier immune system and increase the number of protective immune cells is by taking carbon 60 (C60). This article looks at how you can incorporate C60 into your diet and rip the benefits of a balanced immune system with a high number of protective immune cells.

The Body Can Turn Stem Cells into A Veritable Army of Immune Responses

As you advance in years, the immune system becomes less effective in that it is less able to distinguish itself from foreign antigens. The result is that you will start having frequent autoimmune disorders. The degeneration of the immune system can also be linked to the lifestyle choice you made when younger.

With that said, did you know that the body could turn stem cells into a veritable army of immune responses? One of the ways of doing this is by taking antioxidants such as C60.

C60 is a soccer-shaped compound made up of 60 carbon molecules. The compound can stimulate stem cell production and this, in turn, helps boost the production of protective immune cells in the body. It also regulates the immune system making it more contained and efficient. 

C60 Helps Stimulate the Production of Adult Stem Cells

C60 is referred to as the best antioxidant ever found due to its ability to stimulate the production of stem cells. It does this by supporting healthy aging by reducing free radical damage while enhancing the production of stem cells and hormones. 

The C60 compound stimulates the mitochondria, and the resulting activity drives the activity of the stem cells. However, the effects of the C60 start to fade as you age due to mitochondrial dysfunction.

C60 also has several other benefits, and it is about time you tapped into the benefits. With that said, many online stores are selling the C60 supplement, but few can be trusted to give the best value for money.

C60 Purple Power  is a market leader in providing the highest quality of C60. 

Benefits of the C60

As hinted above, you can gain a ton of benefits from using C60 irrespective of your age. C60 is popularly taken as oil, and these are the various benefits associated with C60:

  • C60 reduces inflammation and thus a longer lifespan
  • It has the potential to overturn Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the depletion of cells that lead to cognitive decline
  • Improved bone health and cartilage
  • It eliminates bacteria and viruses in the body
  • It increases the capability of the mitochondria in combating fat cells, thus preventing obesity
  • It slows down tumor growth by preventing the communication between the cells
  • Radiation protection and helps with hair growth 

It is also expected that further research would reveal more benefits of using the C60. 

The Importance of Immune System When We Age

It is public knowledge that as you age, the immune system becomes weaker. Aging is associated with chronic inflammation, which increases the risk of contracting many old age diseases. 

The degeneration of the immune system is automatic, which means that you will not have an easy time in your old age unless you take the necessary measure. For some people, immune system deficiencies start much earlier due to the associated lifestyle choices.

Apart from taking supplements to boost your immune system, you could start by exercising more regularly and eating healthier and more.


C60 is a wonder antioxidant that has myriad benefits. While you might take it for other reasons, you will greatly benefit from its ability to regulate your immune system and increase the number of protective immune cells.

It will add a boost to your daily activities, and you will age gracefully. However, there is not enough information on the possible side effects of C60 for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Be sure to get consult your doctor before taking it long-term. 


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