Custom Medication: What Is It And What Are The Benefits


Unfortunately, a lot of people rely on prescription drugs on a daily basis – but not everyone is aware of the custom medication and its benefits. It might sound like science fiction, but it’s actually pretty common and a completely viable option for people.

This type of medication is just as efficient in treating and preventing, as regular medication – the only difference is that it’s personalized for you. Here’s an explanation of what custom medication is and how you can benefit from it! 

What is it really?

First of all, you need to understand how pharmacies work, in most cases, a person will arrive with a prescription – the pharmacist will follow the instructions and give the needed medication to the customer. In most cases, the drugs are pre-packaged as they are pre-made and shipped to pharmacies.

The pharmacist might change up the order depending on the direct instructions by the doctor who wrote the prescription in the first place. Compounding is also not uncommon, and it’s practiced in specific situations like when children don’t want to take medication due to the bitterness, or when a patient is allergic to one ingredient of the medication.

The strength of the medication might also be altered, depending on what the doctor stated. All in all, in some pharmacies this is a common thing, and a much-needed thing as well, especially since no one is the same. 

Why is this important?

Our genetic makeup is different from person to person, so there shouldn’t be ‘’universal’’ medication either. While certain chronic illnesses and diseases act the same, everyone is impacted differently thus they need just the right kind of medication. As you can see from Scarborough Procare pharmacy and compounding is not something foreign.

Adjusting to a customer’s needs rather than trying to satisfy everyone, allows them to create medication that’s more efficient and thus does the job better. Obviously, getting medicine is a luxury on its own. Altering it is truly a cherry on top!

Everyone should be offered this opportunity if they need it! Unfortunately, whilst medication is considered universal, it’s far from it – there are too many people in the world for each medicine to cover their needs. That’s where custom medication jumps in to save the day and make things more tailored to individuals. 

Your preferences matter

In most cases, medication comes in standard shapes and sizes, and this can be a problem for obvious reasons. Some medication tastes bad, whilst others are hard to consume – especially for those who are unable to swallow due to health issues. 

This is extremely off-putting for people who need to consume these medications every day, multiple times a day – the struggle can become too much. So instead of finding other kinds of drugs that can replace it – or even worse stopping taking that medication, you should talk to your doctor and pharmacist.

There is a way to make medication more appealing and appropriate to your needs, by making it in a custom size and shape or to prepare it in different forms altogether. Some medication can be consumed externally by placing it on your skin and letting it soak in. That’s why it’s good to talk to professionals openly about your discomfort and concerns, there is always a way!

Who can make custom medication?

Drugs are serious tools that can be used to make people get better, But on the other hand, they can also do a lot of damage if not taken seriously. Only licensed and certified pharmacists can legally compound prescription drugs.

There are certain laws and health regulations set by the State that every licensed pharmacist follows, in order to make a safe and usable compound medication. All of the ingredients need to be approved and legal, and the instructions set by the doctor need to be followed exactly in order for it to work. The goal is to create a healthier and more efficient version of the medicine. The last thing you want to do is to go to someone who’s not a professional and potentially get scammed – and even worse get the wrong kind of medication for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Your pharmacist knows best

By making compound medication, the pharmacist can create a more accurate type of medication for your needs. This is also important if you are using other kinds of medications – especially off-the-counter ones. Your pharmacist needs to know how to create the right dosage and the perfect solution for you! Your needs and your safety are in focus this way! 

Medicine is being perfected every day, new innovations and ways of treating are only going to make things easier for those who are in need. Custom medication is another great example of this, while the regular medication is there to cover most of the population, custom ones are there to help in special cases so that everyone gets the right kind of treatment! 


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