Here’s How You Take CBD Most Effectively


Ever since CBD got legalized, companies have been pretty much adding the stimulant in everything imaginable. From creams and shower gels to tinctures and chocolates, you will find CBD in everything.

People have only scratched the surface of all the perks of using CBD. With so many options available, what is the best way of taking CBD? It mainly depends on the purpose you are trying to serve.

Cannabidiol can be your best friend if you know when and how to use it. If there is a particular issue you are trying to address, you might focus on the best way to use the stimulant to manage that specific problem.

But, before you can delve into the amazing world of CBD, you must first have a good understanding of it.

Understanding CBD

Many people tend to mix up hemp with marijuana. The hemp plant is a close cousin of the cannabis plant, and they are of the same species. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found in cannabis that makes people ‘high’. You will find a high percentage of CBD or cannabidiol in Hemp. This compound is a stimulant, but it does not make you high.

However, Hemp has a very low percentage of THC in it. In fact, most plants that are classified as hemp has 0.3 percent or less THC. Research has shown that CBD is not psychoactive or addictive. However, you can become tolerant of it over time. In March 2018, a WHO report declared that cannabidiol a natural substance found in Hemp is safe and tolerable for human use.

Ever since the declaration, the markets have been flooded with CBD-based products. CBD oil is the most common derivation of hemp, but you can also get pure isolate powder that is concentrated. If you want to use CBD for its health benefits, you must use premium quality CBD products like the oils from Beliebis.

Types of CBD

Whatever product you buy, if it contains  CBD it will be in one of the following forms:

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD will have all components of the hemp plant, including a little THC. But, the amount will be less than 0.3 percent. It will also have terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Even though with full-spectrum products you don’t get CBD in its pure form, but do get the benefits of other cannabinoids. These also have some amazing benefits. For example, CBDa is great for managing gastrointestinal disorders and inflammation. Another cannabinoid, CBG, strengthens the functions of receptors that enhance pleasure, regulate sleep and appetite.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD has all the flavonoids and cannabinoids that full-spectrum versions have. However, it contains only negligible, trace amounts of THC. If you like to avoid THC but want the benefits of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, you should opt for broad-spectrum CBD.


CBD isolates are CBD in their purest form. Isolate powders have only CBD, and that is also at a concentrated level. People use this when they don’t want any psychoactive compounds. However, you will not have access to the other hemp components that have beneficial qualities.

You can get all the benefits of CBD from isolate powders, but you must be careful with the amount. Remember that using more of the stimulant might slowly make you grow a tolerance for it. Even though CBD is generally deemed safe for human use, it must be used responsibly.

Benefits of CBD

CBD has many benefits, some of which are scientifically proven while others are anecdotal. Since CBD is a rich source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, it is not surprising that it has health benefits. Devoted users consider CBD as a miraculous elixir that helps manage numerous physical and mental disorders. Here are a few significant benefits of CBD:

Can Help Manage Epileptic Seizures

The only scientifically proven and FDA-approved CBD drug is Epidiolex. This drug has been approved by the FDA in 2018 for treating seizures in two different forms of epilepsy.

This drug is administered with some other prescribed medicine, to help reduce the frequency of seizures in patients suffering from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome.

Helps Manage Multiple Mental Health Problems

  • A few studies have shown that the right dosage of cannabidiol can help both animals and humans manage anxiety. A 2017 study showed that the subjects who received 300 mg of CBD before a public speaking test experienced less anxiety during performance. Other studies have tested how having a particular dosage of CBD oil can help maintain mental stability during situations that might cause anxiety.
  • One study analyzed a few studies on the effectiveness of CBD and found that it is useful not only for general anxiety disorder but also OCD(Obsessive-compulsive disorder), panic disorder, and social anxiety.
  • Five different human trials that took place from 2012 to 2018 suggested that CBD can help reduce the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even though something as serious and impactful as PTSD requires a lot of therapy and other medication, a recommended dosage of CBD can help decrease the symptoms.
  • Researchers have concluded that due to CBD being an anti-inflammatory compound that is also high in antioxidants, it can help protect us from neuropathological disorders. This has been tested through many preclinical studies and has shown some positive outcomes. However, more studies are required to determine the dosage and efficacy of the compound.

Helps Elevate Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Researchers have found that CBD has the capacity to manage pain that is often deemed unmanageable. In Canada, a medicine called Sativex has been approved for reducing some specific neuropathic pain. The same drug is now being used to help manage cancer-related pain.

In the United States, many ongoing studies are testing CBD oil’s efficacy in managing intense bouts of pain, mostly of neuropathic origin. Other studies have shown that topical application of CBD oils, creams, and ointments can help manage localized pain and intense itching. CBD creams can reduce eczema itching by sixty percent.

Can Aid Treatment For Opioid Addiction

A few studies, with trials done both on animals and humans, have suggested that CBD can aid the treatment of opioid addictions. It can help reduce both cravings and withdrawal symptoms, with almost no severe side effects.

Manages Sleep Disorders

Many people have the opinion that the use of CBD oil has helped manage their sleep disorders and get more restful sleep. Some research that can back this user opinion showed that the compound interacts with some particular receptors which helped decrease some issues that interfere with people’s sleep cycles.

Other Health Problems

A handful of research has shown that CBD has the potential to aid the treatment of other health problems like diabetes, arthritis, migraine, respiratory issues, skin problems, allergies, etc. What can be observed is that it is mostly good at managing several symptoms of health issues, as well as reducing long-term effects.

CBD Products

With the popularity of CBD soaring, you can find CBD products in many forms. Here are a few types of CBD products available:

  • Powders (mostly isolates).
  • Oil.
  • Tincture.
  • Edibles (chocolate, gummies, etc.).
  • Vaporizers.
  • Topically applicable products (creams, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.).

Ways of Taking CBD


Oils and tinctures are generally ingested into our systems. Oils have concentrated CBD mixed with a carrier oil. Mixing it with food is a popular way of consuming CBD oil. People consume it by adding to smoothies, drinks, etc. Some people even add it into their salad dressings! CBD oils are used by applying topically on the affected area, which can help get them relief.

Tinctures are concentrated CBD with a base of alcohol. These are often bitter and unpleasant, so people tend to take it under the tongue.

Edible items like gummies, chocolates, etc., are eaten like general food items. Some gummies have extra ingredients like vitamins and minerals that act as supplements. People with sleeping disorders take their CBD supplements before sleep.


There are mainly two ways you can inhale CBD. A popular way of inhaling CBD oil is through vaporizers. People use their vaping devices to inhale CBD extracts. Some people even smoke hemp! The part used to smoke hemp is the buds. You not only get the benefits of CBD but also other cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. The THC level is quite low, so it will not make you high. However, smoking or vamping hemp(or anything else) can cause respiratory disorders and lung diseases.

Topical Application

CBD creams and ointment are topically applied to treat pain, itching, skin problems, etc. Companies have started adding CBD extracts to cosmetics due to their anti-inflammatory qualities. You will find everything with CBD or hemp extract, from hand creams to shampoos.

So, what is the Most Effective Way of taking CBD?

The two fastest way of ingesting good quality CBD is through smoking/vaping or sublingually. However, since inhalation of CBD extracts can cause lung problems, the most effective way would be by taking drops of tincture under the tongue.

Remember that too much CBD can make you sleepy, so make sure you don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after ingesting CBD. Effectiveness also depends on what issue you are trying to tackle. For example, some pain might be managed through topical application.

Final Thoughts

CBD extract is a non-addictive compound of the hemp plant, that has numerous health benefits. You can take it through ingestion, inhalation, and, topical application. The most efficient way to take CBD is by ingesting the tincture under the tongue. However, the effectiveness of the CBD will depend on the issue you are trying to manage.


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