How To Create The Perfect Ecosystem When Overcoming Addiction Troubles?


If you start looking for the reasons, working behind developing an addiction, you will find several reasons, from poor financial issues to poor self-care, from mental or emotional turmoil to some unexpected challenges in life, everything can leave an impact of substance abuse. 

The surrounding ecosystem also plays a huge role in overcoming addiction troubles. It is all about the people surrounding you, how they treat you, how much they mean to you, and you are mean to them; everything counts here. 

Addiction recovery treatment is not only about detoxification and combating the withdrawal symptoms. It is also about treating the mental issues you are having. When it comes to mental issues, the surrounding environment plays a huge role. 

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Environmental Factors That Influence Addiction

Here we will guide you with some environmental factors that actually influence addiction. Knowing these things will definitely help you in creating the ecosystem you need in order to overcome the addiction issues. 

Friends Group

Your friend group really has a big influence on your life. Suppose you are spending time with a group that indulges themselves in alcohol, drugs, or any other substance abuse. Mostly it has been seen that people with social groups who are into substance abuse also tend to become one of them.

The first time they try any type of substance and gradually develop an addictive tendency towards that substance. So, one has to be really careful about their connections and companions. 

At the same time, if the same person is surrounded by some positive peers, who always wish the best for you, it helps a lot in the recovery process. That is why treatment providers always put extra emphasis on creating some positive influences. 

Family Dynamic And Interactions

After friends, now comes the family dynamic and interactions. Many of us are too close and open with our family members. On the other hand, some prefer to maintain a little distance with the family member, thinking that their family will not understand what they are going through. 

Genetic tendencies actually come into action here. Suppose an individual is seeing any of their family members are doing drugs or have alcohol tendencies; they are more prone to develop substance abuse issues than someone with no family history of addiction at all. 

Family is the one who will always hold our back, no matter what. They always want the best for us and want to see us happy and leading a sober, and healthy life. That is why family therapy is included in the addiction treatment process. 

Social media

Should we need to maintain how much influence social media has in our lives? Whether it is about adopting a new culture, sharing your views, or showing the fake sides of the people, social media has taken the responsibility of shaping our lives. 

Or, should we say, we have handed over the power to it. There are some social media groups and pages which show the relaxing and high sides of substance abuse. They attract more people by showing the fact that substance abuse actually helps you in escaping from the cruel reality and helps you get your own space. 

You might get attracted by these types of logic, but if you think clearly and rationally, substance abuse comes with the darkest side as well. We all know how damaging it is for both our physical, mental, and social health. 

Social media also promotes addiction-free sober life. Several self-help groups are also there. So, if you are hesitating about seeking help from your close ones because they will judge you, you can always seek help from these types of volunteer groups. 

Media In General

Our behaviors are also influenced a lot by other media forms, like movies, television shows, and video games. Just the way a part of social media glorifies everything, including substance abuse or addiction behavior, the other media types also do the same. 

They influence mostly the young generation by glorifying that substance abuse is actually a favor to yourselves when you are handling a lot on your own. You might be going through a lot, but that does not mean you will end up becoming an addict. 

There are also several movies that have shown the dark side of substance abuse and inspired them to come back into a sober life. Those types of media have also offered a lot of information about addiction treatment and the recovery process, which are actually helpful for someone who wants to quit. 

Religion Or Culture

Religion and cultural values also play a huge role in both triggering substance abuse behavior and also other bad things. We are not attacking any particular religion or culture. Some religious values support it when a man drinks but do not allow it when a woman starts drinking. 

These types of values leave a negative impact on both women and men. Women take that too seriously and start drinking as an act of protesting it and promoting equality. The same individual might not know that she is developing an addiction to alcohol. 

There are also some religious values, which tell that substance abuse or alcoholism is a crime. Due to this very reason, some prevent them from getting into substance abuse, and some are afraid of seeking recovery help from others. 

Transform Your Environment To Help Your Recovery 

From the above discussion, we hope you have developed a clear idea about how the environment where you are living can influence you to both get into substance abuse and also to recover successfully from substance abuse. 

Choosing and spending time with only those people who are actually your well-wisher is the first thing you need to consider when you are willing to quit the addiction. Share yourself with your family and ask for help from them during your recovery days. 


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