15 Amazing Grooming Tips for Men With Shaved Heads


Are you tired of grooming your hair every day? If yes, then we’ve got some good solutions for you. Shaving off your hair can save time and money. But it still is a big step for any man.

Maintaining shaved head is not an easy task but comparatively easier than grooming a head full of hair. When you shave off your hair, you need to take care of other features of your face as well.

You can nail the bald look quite easily. Before you shave, you need to know why you need that look.

Why You Need to Shave

A very common reason for men to shave their heads is a receding hairline. As we age, our hair starts to lose its quality and density. Uneven and weak hair can make you look less attractive and can make your confidence suffer. Thus, it is often a good decision to shave off the thinning hair instead of keeping it.

And the best part is that today’s men have started to embrace this look. Celebrities can be seen shattering the bald look with confidence. Losing hair or not, the shaved head has become a massive trend.

According to industry experts, men don’t need any specific reason to shave off their heads. It is stylish and trendy. Moreover, it can help you save the times you waste setting up the hair.

If you’re in no mood to shave off your hair right away but would like to know more about grooming your thinning hair, you can check out dailygroomingtips.com, which is an awesome place for getting some helpful grooming tips.  

But if you have decided to embrace the shaved look, here are fifteen amazing grooming tips for you.

1.  Keep It Sleek

If you want to use a razor or shaver to chop off your hair, always use a hot towel afterward. Keep that towel for ten minutes and clean your head with cold water. You can use all-natural almond hair oil on your scalp for a shiny look. If the shiny look isn’t your thing, use aloe vera gel.  

Shave the head every three or four days if you want to nail that shaved look. There is nothing worse than shaving off the hair and letting it grow for a week or two. It is only acceptable if you have razor cuts or bumps. Keeping it sleek should be your main goal. 

2.  Use Scalp Care Products

You definitely need to use scalp care products. A good moisturizer can revitalize your scalp. Use it twice daily if possible. Once after you shower and once before bedtime.

The first couple of months can be hectic when the scalp gets exposed. A good moisturizer can reduce some of the issues. Always try to use organic moisturizers. Coconut or almond oil is great for maintaining moisture. It provides necessary vitamins to your scalp as well. 

3.  Get Sulfate and Silicon Free Shampoo

You must be wondering, why do you need shampoo if you have shaved your head? Men should never stop shampooing their heads even if they are shaved. It’s the only product that you can use to clean off your scalp with.

But choose your shampoo carefully. Most shampoos have sulfate and silicons in them. Anything that creates bubbles and foam is bad for the scalp. It interrupts the pH level.

Read through the labels carefully before making your purchase. If you see a “Sulfate & Silicon Free” sticker on the bottle, go for it.   

4.  Use Scrub

It’s hard to notice dead skin on your head with the long hair. But a shaved head is an open window. A small dead skin won’t get unnoticed.

That’s why exfoliating the scalp with scrub is important. You can use the existing scrubs that you use on your face or body. Try to scrub your head two or three times a week. Scrub your head at least four times a week if your body produces excess dead skin.

5.  Use Sunscreen and SPF creams

Be it hot or cold weather, your scalp gets the maximum hit. It’s an absolute nightmare if you get sunburn on your head. Even cold weather can moderately burn the scalp.

Our scalp is sensitive and reacts very differently than facial skin. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of this situation with SPF creams. So, grow a habit of using sunscreen and SPF creams every day. Some sunscreen has moisturizers in it. So, you can get two things done with one cream.

6.  Grow a Beard

Growing a beard is healthy for your facial skin. It protects you from UV rays and works as a natural sunscreen. But a beard has other functions as well and the “shaved-head” look is incomplete without a beard.

The best way is to start growing the beard before shaving off your head. Don’t cut or trim your beard for two months. That way, your barber can do their magic on it with a stylish design.

If you don’t like a long beard, keep it small and faded. 

7.  Beard Maintenance

You need to tame your beard regularly. Beard gets scrappy if you don’t groom it regularly. But there’s more.

Using beard oils and beard balms every morning is a great idea. If you see your beard hairs falling off everywhere, then you should know that your beard is dry. Beard oils and balms keep your beard tight and moist.

Finally, do remember to brush your beard regularly.

8.  Take Care of the Brows

You should trim your brows regularly if it is bushy and long. Long brows have a tendency to fall down on your lid. It looks bad and messy. Tell your barber to trim it down a bit.

If you have some hair between your brows, get it plucked. You can also wax that part out.

Remember, the goal is to create a well-groomed masculine look that defines your face. So, try to keep well-trimmed brows.  

9.  Keep Track of the Nose Hair

That one long nose hair can create an embarrassing moment for you if someone notices. And if you have more than one, that’s like game over.

Oftentimes, we don’t keep track of the nose hair. Long nose hair can cause certain breathing problems as well. So, get a nose trimmer for keeping it short. Trimming nose hair once every fifteen days should be enough.

10. Maintain Oral Hygiene

Maintaining your oral health is very important. Bad breath and yellow teeth can strip your charm completely. Brush your teeth twice a day. Once before sleep and once right after you wake up in the morning. We also suggest using mouth wash as well.

If you have a cavity or chipped tooth, make an appointment with your local dentist for a repair.

Don’t forget to keep a small mouth spray in your pocket. Always carry it no matter what happens.

11. Use Face-wash

A good face wash can revive your skin from all the wear and tear that it goes through on a daily basis. Especially during summer, which can be a brutal season for your face. Things can turn far more difficult if you have oily skin.

Use gel-based mint face wash. If your skin is sensitive, charcoal face wash can be a good alternative.   

12. Drink Water

If you want to rock that shaved look, drink lots of water. It keeps your skin and scalp hydrated. It’s a natural moisturizer.

Drinking a healthy amount of water can help reduce pimples and sores. Your body can flush out more toxins with enough water in the system.

Hot summer can disrupt the pH balance of your skin. It can make your skin feel tight and rough. Mix some orange juice in your water and drink. Those natural minerals will work like a charm.

We suggest you should drink seven to eight gallons of water every day.   

13. Eat Lots of Green

Vegetables and plant-based foods have important nutrients that you can’t get from skin care products. You need vitamins that can help your skin and scalp from the inside. No products will come to your aid if you don’t have healthy skin.

Thus, try to eat vegetables twice a day with your other meals. 

14. Take Care of the Eyes

Sometimes, a good sunscreen won’t bring much help for the dark circles that can often build up under your eyes. Then there are UV rays everywhere. In the United States, six out of ten men get dark circles because they failed to protect their eyes under the sun.

You should wear sunglass that has UV filter protections. It goes well with any style and will save your eyes from dark circles as well.  

15. Keep an Eye on the Nails

Your scalp is sensitive. A sloppy scratch can cause a bad bruise if you are not mindful enough. It is very important to keep your nails short and level if you want to avoid cuts.

You can find nail care tools in any store. It’s cheap and effective. Keeping short nails is also a smart move for your image. It defines how organized you are.    


Shaving off the hair can be a brand new adventure. It is also important to spend some time on grooming. Men with shaved heads can look bold and beautiful if they are ready to do some daily grooming chores.  

If you have decided to embrace the look, just go for it but remember the grooming tips you just learned. Good luck!


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