Convert Cups (c) To Quarts (qt)

Please enter the number of cups to convert into quart and vice versa.


What is cup?

cup: c

gallon: gal

pint: pt

milliliter: mL

fluid ounces: fl.oz

tablespoon: tbsp

teaspoon: tsp

1 US cup = 1/16 US Gallon = 1/2 US pint = 236 milliters = 8 US fluid ounces = 16 US tablespoons = 48 US teaspoons

What is quart?

The quart, standardly expressed in the abbreviation qt. is used as a unit of measurement for capacity. Internationally, there are three measurements for quartz depending on what is being measured: the dry quartz which is used for dry ingredients in cooking such as flour and baking soda, liquid quartz used in liquid ingredients such as milk, cooking oil and others and the imperial quartz used for both dry and liquid ingredients in the United Kingdom.

1 liquid quart = 0.946 liters
1 dry quart = 1.1 liters
1 UK/imperial quart = 1.136 liters
1 quart = 1/4 gallon

1 quart = 4 cups

How to convert cups to quarts?

1 US quart = 4 cups

1 US cup = 1/4 quart = 0.25 quart (qt)

n cups = n x 0.25 quart (US)

n imperial cups = n/3.331 US quart

n US cup = n/4.804 imperial quart

n: number of cups

Cups (c) to quarts (qt) conversion table

Cups (US)Quarts (US)Cups (US)Quarts (US)
1/8 cup0.03125 quart20 cups5 quarts
1/4 cup0.0625 quart30 cups7.5 quarts
1/2 cup0.125 quart40 cups10 quarts
3/4 cup0.1875 quart50 cups12.5 quarts
1 cup0.25 quart60 cups15 quarts
3/2 cups0.375 quart70 cups17.5 quarts
2 cups0.5 quart80 cups20 quarts
3 cups0.75 quart90 cups22.5 quarts
4 cups1 quart100 cups25 quarts
5 cups1.25 quarts200 cups50 quarts
6 cups1.5 quarts300 cups75 quarts
7 cups1.75 quarts500 cups125 quarts
8 cups2 quarts700 cups175 quarts
9 cups2.25 quarts900 cups225 quarts
10 cups2.5 quarts1000 cups250 quarts